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The New Gay Closes Virtual Doors

Filed By Bil Browning | November 14, 2011 11:00 AM | comments

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Another blow to the LGBT blogosphere... Activist meets pop culture hipster site The New Gay has closed up shop.

The-New-Gay.jpgI'll just rip off the bandage: The New Gay is shutting down. It's been a fun ride over the past four years. But the site grew so much and so quickly that our rag-tag group of volunteers couldn't keep up with it. After wrangling with this issue for a while, we decided it was time to close up shop. So now, it's on to other things.

The site suffered a serious setback when longtime editor Zack Rosen left earlier this summer for financial reasons. Rosen and his partner, Michael Eichler, founded the site.

I met Rosen for the first time at a blogger conference years ago when the site first launched and watched as he poured his heart and soul into the venture. Like Bilerico Project, the group site grew by leaps and bounds and soon required a lot of time to manage and oversee. What didn't follow also mirrors Bilerico - a sustainable business model.

The New Gay joins as a recent casualty of the ever-changing world of LGBT online media. Popular blogs Queerty and Pam's House Blend have also undergone restructuring efforts to keep the respective sites afloat. Meanwhile, Huffington Post, an AOL-owned non-queer owned blog site, opened a new gay section. Other corporate-owned sites seem to be weathering the storm while LGBT-owned blogs continue to struggle without the help of professional staff.

This trend is reminiscent of the recent struggles of LGBT traditional news outlets to carve out a place in a media landscape increasingly dominated by mainstream media ventures who meld LGBT coverage into a larger pool of reporting. The same basic issue has also led to the demise of most LGBT-specific bookstores.

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Asian LGBT blog just had a rough split as well, resulting in the closing of the domain by its founder, Stuart Koe, though it carries on at

I just saw that luminum. I scheduled a post about it for later today. Great minds and whatnot?

R L Pete Housman | November 14, 2011 11:09 AM

The small independent voices have a hard time being heard but a harder time paying the bill to have a voice. We in the LGBTQ community will just have to try harder to support our own in the demographic/market share wars. Others have the money to starve out the independents. And that's everybody loss.

i, for one, am glad. i hated this blog, and it's stupid loaded name.

they attempted to posit that it was made up of young gays who are "different" and more "open" to diversity than the previous generations of "old" queers, but mostly their peers. really it was just another bunch of privileged cis white men defending gentrification, sexual racism and heteronormativity.

they even changed their commenting policy to explicitly call out that they would deny/reject anything negative comment about white men.

good riddance.