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The Worst Thing You'll Read Today

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Oh my God, this pisses me off soooooo much that I literally sputtered when trying to tell someone about it. The Crosspointe Animal Hospital in Fairfax Station, Virginia abuses animals. After Allen and Alison Holmes' 17 year old Corgi got out of the yard, the animal hospital euthanized her two hours later without even Exploding head by Keith Haringtrying to find the owner.

The animal hospital claims it only following the orders of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, but a Fairfax County PD rep told 9News Now that the shelter would not have advised the hospital to end Basie's life, and the decision to euthanize rests solely with the veterinarian at the hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Holmes believe a well-trained vet would be hard pressed to mistake Basie for a stray, considering her hygienic appearance and recent tooth extraction.

They recognize that their dog was old and had a few health problems, but say it was not her time. "Basie died alone with strangers," said Mr. Holmes. "She was a baby, just a helpless little dog, you know?"

Police say they won't press charges because no crime was committed. I'm sorry, but killing someone else's dog without permission is animal abuse and the veterinarian should be charged. This is an outrage. If you agree, you can call Crosspointe at 703-690-6600 or leave them comments on their Facebook page where there's tons of posts about last month's "Senior Wellness program."

On their website they say, "Your pet is more than just a pet...he's part of your family. You expect the same kind of experienced, concerned care for your pet as you do the rest of your family." Just don't take Grandma with you when you get Spike his rabies shot; they'll euthanize her as soon as you turn your back.

(Hat tip to Americablog)

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They should file a lawsuit.

Too bad they don't pick up stray Republicants.

Stray Republicants travel in packs and the control officers can't handle large packs.

Stray Republicants travel in packs and the control officers can't handle large packs.

Annette Gross Annette Gross | November 15, 2011 6:21 PM

I agree with the others. They should start picking up stray Republicans. They can take one of those large nets and just go around the city. Instead of calling them dog-catchers, they can call the Republican-catchers! What a wild bunch that would be!

This is a tragedy on all sides. However, as a veterinarian, I really have trouble believing that any of my colleagues would happily choose to euthanize an animal unless it truly was in bad shape - perhaps something happened to Basie while she was missing that caused her condition to deteriorate, like being hit by a car?

In any event, really, really sad.