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This Weekend at Rancho Bil-ERI-co

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eri-howard.jpgPosting will most likely be light this weekend folks. We have a very special guest coming to stay at Rancho Bilerico...

You've heard/read me gush about the most wonderful woman in the world many times. Yes, my best friend Eri is back in the United States and will be spending a few days here in DC at our place. That's the Eri as in bil-ERI-co; she's the other half of the site's name. (Do you know the story behind our name?)

I haven't seen her in person since August of 2003 - a month before became a blog. She has no idea how much her namesake has become a life of it's own. Obviously, we'll be making up for lost time. *grins*

We're having a small party in her honor tonight with friends and local contributors. If you'd like to leave her warm wishes, leave them on this thread and we'll read them to her at the party.

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Welcome back to the U.S. Eri. Maybe you can get Bil "straightened out". But failing that I hope your trip is wonderful.

It's really great that your friend is back in the States to see you. Enjoy your time together. Glad she's all right. Send my love to Japan regarding the earthquake tragedy.

With love,

Welcome, welcome, welcome, and my very best wishes to you on your return to the U.S. of A. and perhaps your first visit to Our Nation's Capital.

If it weren't for you, we ourselves wouldn't have had the chance to get to know Bil, or Alex, or anyone associated with BilERIco, and maybe Bil and Jerame would not have had the chance to get and stay together. So there is a LOT that we have to thank you for. Arigato gozaimasu.

Note: I know that the weather now is a bit strange, and you probably have your schedule entirely filled up. But a very enjoyable DC sight to see that many people don't know about is the U.S. Botanical Garden at the foot of Capital Hill.

Welcome, Eri! So glad to finally meet the woman in Bil's life. Also, to know the truth about the "eri" in Bilerico. I always thought it was "Eric", one of Bil's old boyfriends. :-)

Have a wonderful time throughout your stay!

Eri looks so sweet! I am glad she came to see you boys. :)