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Tonight On The Rebecca Juro Show: Bilerico Project's Bil Browning

Filed By Rebecca Juro | November 03, 2011 2:00 PM | comments

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Tonight on the Rebecca Juro Show, it's our fearless Bilerico Project publisher and co-founder Bil Browning. We'll be talking with Bil about The Bilerico Project, as well as getting into some hot LGBT-relevant topics and issues! Don't miss it!

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Here's a question you should ask him tonight. "Why have so many trans contributors stop writing for Bilerico?" Inquiring minds want to know.

I can answer that easily since I talk to them regularly. They're tired of dealing with the comments section and the constant negative sniping from other transgender readers. You're the perfect example and one of the most commonly cited.

I'm not an HBS'er that constantly attacks other trans people if they don't believe like they do, and you allow them to. I have only been banned for two weeks two years ago for arguing with one. She and several others, on the other hand, have been permanently banned. Your theory holds no water, otherwise I would not be here either.

And, you still haven't apologized for calling me an asshole. Some of the people I've spoken to seem to have a different reason on why they aren't here any longer, one you refuse to accept.

And yet, there has been a lot of talk about Dan Savage needing more education. Hummmmm.

Blah, blah, blah. I'd never expect you to take responsibility for your own actions. Feel free to blame me or someone else. It's the usual route. The band plays on.

I notice you're not taking responsibility for violating your own TOS, or for the reasons you have pushed trans people away. My comments are being moderated now so you can have full control over people. I guess you can't handle the truth.

I got banned for 3 months Monica and it was entirely my own doing. I disagree. Bil hasn't pushed trans away. Those who have left and those that have been banned need to own up to their own antics, rudeness and other behaviors and not cop to a "poor persecuted me" stance.

I was referring to contributors who have left Bilerico or do not post here for various reasons. And, with everyone of them I have spoken to, I'm not the reason, in spite of what Bil wants you to believe. I may have pissed off several gay and lesbian people, especially Bil, and the only trans people I have angered were never contributors here in the first place.

The biggest beef I have with Bil today is with the fact that he called me an asshole a few months ago and he feels he's above his own TOS in those kinds of matters. It's a "Do as I say but not as I do," attitude. And, after that, I have reported several abuses to their TOS and they fall on deaf ears. What good is it if you don't enforce it?

Why is it so hard for him to admit he was wrong? People will not think any less of him. I'm not asking him to like me, but as bad as he hates me, he had no right to call me an asshole. Am I so beneath him in status that I don't deserve an apology? I wouldn't do that to him. But, that's the difference between understanding integrity and not. And, I factor in his age. He'll be a different person in 25 years.

Oh Monica this is just too choice. Talk about setting yourself up. Surely you know that truth is an absolute defense against charges of slander and libel. I know, I know, don't call me Shirley. And, if you didn't read the fine print, TOS does not apply to site owners. They reserve the right to do whatever they want just as you do on TAVA.

It's interesting to note that some of them left BEFORE I even came to Bilerico. The reason they told me was they left because of you. Others left because you refused to curb the constant attacks from the HBS'ers. They told me they didn't feel safe here.

I've only been banned once, for two weeks, two years ago, for arguing with an HBS'er. You lost another good trans contributor that week for also being attacked by the same person. Your argument about me being as disruptive force doesn't hold water with those trans people who are no longer here.

I've only been disruptive with you recently because you called me an asshole and never apologized for it. Myself and others would have been banned if we had called you that. There has been a lot of comments on Dan Savage ignoring his education about trans issues. He's not the only one who has ignored his education.

I keep thinking I want to know if I am in that group, but then think perhaps I'd rather not. (blushes)

I listened to the show. Becky, I really don't understand the value of having a controversial guest on your show, then not encouraging any callers while they're on. He leaves the show rather early, then you are practically begging for callers when he's off?!

That was mostly my fault, Gina. I'd warned Becky I would be in a rush last night. Between being sick and having an old friend from Indianapolis in town for the night that I'd promised dinner, I had to hurry the interview. Hopefully Becky will invite me back on; I'd be happy to answer questions. (Especially from you since I admire your thoughtfulness even when we don't agree.)

Of course you know you're welcome on the show anytime, Bil. We always have a good conversation and that's really the point. Next week we've got Mike Rogers on and we'll be talking about mainstream media coverage of LGBT and especially trans issues, which was what my first HuffPo piece was about.

By the way, for the record, anyone who wants to ask a question or make a comment while a guest is on can:

Tweet me: beckyjuro
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Skype me (this doesn't always work right but you can try): beckystudio
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There's also another more basic reason: We only have one incoming phone line so when a guest is on we can't take listener calls. We do, however, read listener emails, tweets, and AIM IMs while guests are on. Because Bil's time was limited I felt it was best to do the interview and open it up for calls afterward.