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VIDEO: Chaz Bono Accepts LA Gay & Lesbian Center Award

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Scream star David Arquette appeared to not be reading off the teleprompter but looking at his friend and fellow Dancing With the Stars co-star Chaz Bono as he Chaz-Bono-at-Center.jpgpresented Chaz with the LA Gay & Lesbian Center's Board of Directors Award Saturday night. Arquette told a heartwarming story about his transgender sister, Alexis Arquette, before saying to Chaz that his coming out as transgender was "a very noble act." Looking directly at Chaz, Arquette said: "We're all in such awe of the bravery that you showed in stepping up into the world and showing them what it's like to be a transgender person in this world. You did it with dignity, you did with such strength."

LA Gay & Lesbian Center honoree Chaz Bono (Photo by Karen Ocamb)

In accepting the award, Chaz (who is becoming as well-known by his first name as his mother Cher is known by hers) said he didn't know about being transgender growing up:

"When I discovered I was really transgender, I felt like my world was going to fall apart. It took me over 10 years to come up with the courage that I needed in order to start transitioning and finally be myself.... So many people just don't have any information about that and that includes the gay and lesbian community. We say LGBT and it kind of roles off our tongue but the B and the T are kind of like the stepkids at another table. I'd like to challenge everybody here tonight to really take the time to learn a little bit more about what it means to be transgender, how it's different from sexual orientation and some of the struggles that we go through."

Video after the break.

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