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You Can Go

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Watch as cops at Occupy UC Davis spray peaceful protestors sitting in a circle on the ground and hauling away a few before the gathering crowd of students surrounds the police with chants of "Shame on you!" As the mob slowly circles the cops, you can watch the police start getting nervous when the chant changes to "Who's university? Our university!" Out of nowhere comes a voice using the Occupy movement's human mic; as the crowd repeats, the voice offers officers a truce and tells them they can leave peacefully. The cops take him up on the opportunity and retreat as students chant, "You can go!" Beautiful.

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OW!!!! This was an emotional knock out for me. Yesterday, we saw LIVE in HD, from the METropolitan Opera NY, Phillip Glass'SATYAGRAHA". (Opera on the life of Mahatma Gandhi in SA) Act 3 Martin Luther King / The Newcastle March was for me a bit dissapointing. Some people knew who we were: Hans Nieuwenhuis and I were the director and assistant director of yhe American premiere of Satyagraha, november 1981, exactly 30 years ago at the Brooklin Accademy of Music. In the MET production there is a tiny bit of police force (just 2 helmed cops) arresting the Gandhi clan taking some 5 mins of the 1 hour act. In our production (after the World Premiere production 1980) the whole march and crack down by police lasted 50 mins in slow motion. Gandhi and his peoples march is stopped by police who encircle them and then one by one dragged away. The American audiance with our production related the scene right awai to the M.L. King Alabama - Washington events. But then it was said to be a dark page in US history. Yesterday I said that after 30 years I wouldn't do it in slow motion anymore but more realisticly and more updated. I was thinking of some immages from Syria and Beeing... Now I know how I would stage it. A reminder that since Gandhi and ML King, Satyagraha (=sanscrite for peacefull power) is still ACTUAL.

Rachel Bellum | November 20, 2011 4:43 PM

A beautiful moment to watch.

Does anyone know if those paintball-looking guns were some sort of pepper weapon or actual assualt rifles?

They appear to be FN303 less-than-lethal launchers, which are basically specialized paintball guns designed to fire a variety of riot agent capsules. The City of Boston banned them after several deaths during the Red Sox riots, choosing to scapegoat the equipment instead of holding Boston PD officers for malicious misuse of their gear.