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My Concerns Over the Prop 8 Repeal Initiative

Filed By Viktor Kerney | December 19, 2011 2:00 PM | comments

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Earlier this morning Karen Ocamb shared the Thumbnail image for Outside the California Supreme Court Prop 8 hearingnews that the grassroots group, Love Honor Cherish can gather signatures to put the Prop 8 repeal on the ballot for 2012. In order to be successful in this initiative, Love Honor Cherish must collect over 800,000 signatures by May 14, 2012. The group jumped to the task in October, once Equality California decided not to lead a repeal effort.

According to Equality California, there were concerns over community support and fundraising to properly manage the repeal initiative. However, Love Honor Cherish feels they can succeed in this effort.

I'll admit they have good intentions, but this effort has raised serious concerns for me.

For one, they have tried before and failed. Granted it's been about two years, but they didn't come close to gathering enough signatures. How will they reach their goal by May?

Then comes the money issue. Raising the money for this ballot initiative in this economy can be tough. It's going to take millions to not only run the campaign, but to fight off the opponents. Love Honor Cherish has recruited former EQCA Development Director, Eric Harrison as their new Interim Executive Director. Through Eric, they are hoping to raise enough money. But can they do it within 5 months?

And what about a plan? Love Honor Cherish has to gain 807,615 valid signatures, so they need close to a million signatures to be safe. What is their plan to achieve this? So far, we haven't heard an idea, a plan or anything that would curb doubts. They will need many volunteers to tread the neighborhoods in California. and I mean many.

Support is another factor. Right now, there are no other California based groups supporting this effort. Most of the organizations agreed with Equality California's stance. How can one group lead this effort alone successfully? And what about the community's support? The LGBT community in California are not completely sold on the Prop 8 repeal being on the ballot in 2012. Should Love Honor Cherish speak for the community, when the community is not completely solid on the idea?

I appreciate Love Honor Cherish's drive to make this happen, but I think they are way over their heads. They will need strong fundraising events and a powerful canvassing campaign to pull this off. And if they succeed, they will have to be ready for our opponents, who never have any problems raising their hate money. Will Love Honor Cherish be ready for that?

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