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Glee: Drinking in the Classroom from Red Solo Cups

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It wasn't that long ago that there was a brouhaha about the Glee cast singing a party song that glorifies drinking alcohol. red-solo-cup-glee.jpgSeveral rightwing groups got themselves in a tizzy over it and chastised the show for promoting drunken hordes of high school students or something.

The show did an episode on the dangers of underage alcohol consumption - even going so far as having a couple of the cast members drinking during school hours. The message was clear: don't drink if you're still a teenager.

Then a few episodes later, Blaine and Kurt accompany the new gay Warbler to a gay bar where they see the Kurt's former bully having a beer. In last night's episode, Rachel and Finn go to a strip club in Kentucky to bring Trouty Mouth back to compete in sectionals. When they make it back to Ohio for his triumphant return, the glee club celebrates with a bottle of champagne - during school hours! - while singing a song about partying with red solo cups full of booze.

So what gives with Glee and the alcohol references lately? Either they're sorry for glorifying alcohol to teens or they're not. While I could personally give a shit less about some rightwing nutjob outrage, I'm curious why the show thought it was a big deal before but now regularly works in references.

Video of last night's Red Solo Cup performance after the break. Following it is the original Toby Keith video.

Glee Red Solo Cup Performance

Toby Keith Red Solo Cup Video

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