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Helping Out on the Resolution Front

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I've taken the liberty of composing New Year's resolutions for individuals who are just too busy to do it not-happy-new-year-baby.jpgthemselves.

Newt Gingrich:

  1. Lose weight.
  2. Win the Republican nomination.
  3. Win the presidential election.
  4. Gloat.

Mitt Romney:

  1. Win the Republican nomination.
  2. Win the presidential election.
  3. Sentence Newt Gingrich to Devil's Island.

Ron Paul:

  1. Lose the Republican nomination.
  2. Declare Houston a new libertarian nation.
  3. Deny foreign aid to Dallas.

Michele Bachmann:

  1. Win the Republican nomination.
  2. If that fails, angle for the vice-presidential nomination.
  3. Confront Marcus once and for all.
  4. Introduce legislation removing all gay people to Key West - at least Marcus will be warm.

Marcus Bachmann:

  1. Reconcile my faith, my orientation and my choices.
  2. Not.

Rick Santorum:

  1. Lose the Republican nomination.
  2. Sulk.

Rick Perry:

  1. Burn the jacket I wore in the antigay video.
  2. Remain firmly ignorant about everything.

Herman Cain:

  1. Land a gig on Fox.
  2. See a marriage counselor with Gloria.
  3. Find a new piece of chicken on the side.

Jon Huntsman:

  1. Come from behind, way behind, and win the Republican nomination.
  2. Failing that, accept a cabinet post in the Obama administration.

Fred Karger:

  1. Be denied entry to the Republican National Convention.
  2. Lose the Republican nomination.
  3. Start planning for 2016.

Sarah Palin:

  1. Get Todd his own reality show on snowmobile racing.
  2. Win the Arizona Senate seat.
  3. See Russia from Scottsdale.

Donald Trump:

  1. Convince the world I'm the most important person in it.

Barack Obama:

  1. Recapture the White House.
  2. Work on my place in history.
  3. Resume smoking, no matter what Michelle says.

Michelle Obama:

  1. Campaign like crazy.
  2. Urge America to support Iraq veterans.
  3. Rotate my crops.

Bo Obama:

  1. Locate an irreplaceable White House antique and eat it.

John Boehner:

  1. Do my part to get a Republican in the White House.
  2. Perfect my tan so Sports Illustrated has to ask me to model in the swimsuit issue.

Barney Frank:

  1. Serve effectively in Congress until my final term in finished.
  2. Try not to laugh when people suggest I lead the HRC.

Tammy Baldwin:

  1. Win Wisconsin's tough Senate race.
  2. Publicly downplay that I'm the first openly gay U.S. Senator.
  3. Privately tingle all over.

Angela Merkel:

  1. Save the European Union.
  2. Vacation anywhere but Greece.

Pope Benedict XVI:

  1. Continue leading the Church backwards.
  2. Convince God I'm too valuable to be called home.

Grethe Cammermeyer:

  1. Make sure certain persons know I'm available to serve on the Joint Chiefs.

Steve Jobs:

  1. Reveal to the world that my consciousness now resides in Apple's latest product, the iMback.

Kim Kardashian:

  1. Become a spokesperson for gay marriage rights, even if they don't want me.

Chaz Bono:

  1. Appear on several reality shows.
  2. Question reality.

Tinky Winky:

  1. Haunt Rick Perry by being Photoshopped in with him as often as possible.

Jerry Sandusky:

  1. Go down fighting.
  2. Go down lying.

Ian McKellen:

  1. As "The Hobbit" is edited, check to make sure I'm not being upstaged by Bofur, Bifur and Bombur.

Jane Lynch:

  1. Write another book.
  2. Host more awards shows.
  3. Star in "Glee" and appear in other shows.
  4. Continue doing ads.
  5. Throw in a movie.
  6. 6. Avoid a nervous breakdown.

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