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Ron Paul's Triumphant Return [Comment of the Week]

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You knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. The Ron Paul acolytes have started commenting on anything even tangentially related to the GOP presidential wannabe. They're actually a little late to the party this primary season - Thumbnail image for comment-of-week.jpgwhich makes me wonder if his support amongst the LGBT community has dropped considerably. Last time anything that even smelled of politics brought out the Paulites in force.

From "The Republican Circus: Are We There Yet?" comes our first worshipful Paulista. Worth noting: The post is a Quote of the Day - one of our least likely posts to draw comments since it's just a quote with a short tagline.

Erica Neil
Right, because Obama has done such a bang-up job. He's a complete incompetent, totally in over his head, and owned by the banks and corporations, just like everyone else in Washington. The only hope for this country is to vote out every single incumbent, and elect Ron Paul. He's the only politician who still follows the sentiments of our forefathers.

So what say you, Projectors? Is Ron Paul the "only hope for this country"? And if that only hope is to vote out all incumbents and Paul is an incumbent, doesn't it necessarily follow that Ron Paul isn't the Great White Hope after all?

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