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Troy MI Mayor Gets Earful Over 'Queer' Remark [Video]

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Troy, Michigan's tea party mayor, Janice Daniels, is in hot water after posting an anti-gay slur on her Facebook page. The new mayor posted "Going to throw away my I Love New York bag now that queers can get married" and city residents are highly upset at the black eye she's given the town.

After angry protesters and media confronted the mayor before a city council meeting, she lectured the crowd on the meaning of forgiveness by saying, "True forgiveness means that you wipe the slate clean and allow the person to improve themselves from that point forward, so this is a very good lesson for all of us!"

After being told that her demeanor didn't indicate she was truly sorry for her actions, she countered with, "I'm a good person, I really am. I said one word that you don't like. One word."

There's another video of people confronting her as she enters City Hall after the break, but that was nothing compared to what awaited the mayor during the council meeting though. Watch as angry residents line up to speak their piece and castigate the politician for embarrassing the city. It's a sight to behold.

During the four hour council meeting, Daniels was subjected to angry admonishments from furious council members and over 80 citizens. The meeting lasted until 1am as Troy residents demanded her resignation.

Councilman Dane Slater also piled on referring to the mayor's half-hearted apology. "I'm gonna be the first to let you know that you are not the victim here. You sent me a memo apologizing but it gave me the sense that you think you're the victim here, and you are not the victim. The city is the victim," he said.

Resident Toby Gosselin told the mayor, "This is very serious, because if it isn't the gay people, it's going to be the Polish, or the Jewish, or the Muslim. Your hatred and your prejudice is intolerable, and it needs to go."

Several high school students and a representative from Equality Michigan also spoke at the meeting.

And to top the whole thing off, Keith Olbermann named Daniels his "Worst Person in the World" on yesterday's broadcast.

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