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Striking a New Chord at Stonewall?

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Its been a bit over two months since Bilerico co-founder Jerame Davis took over at the troubled National Stonewall Democrats, and just last week Stonewall announced they wanted to Stonewall Democratsmake the relationship permanent.

Perhaps its because of declarations like this latest on the GOP field:

"The absurdity that protecting LGBT Americans from discrimination is fomenting anti-religious bigotry should make anyone's head hurt. It's a straw man argument from a paper tiger candidate."

For those of us who have to read organizations' press statements all day every day, its a lot more enjoyable when one gets the feeling that the author of the statement gives a damn about what they're saying.

This is definitely a sterner Stonewall. Stonewall is starting to sound like a very different organization, with bolder language more akin to that of the other side of the queer aisle at GOProud or Log Cabin Republicans. How do you feel about this sort of strong language?

Full statement after the jump.

The GOP's Jalopy Full of Jokers Sputters on Even Though It's Stuck Driving in Circles

After back-to-back Republican debates prior to the New Hampshire Primary, National Stonewall Democrats Executive Director Jerame Davis issued the following statement:

"Not one of these candidates is presidential material and these never-ending debates just reinforce that point over and over again. If they aren't bickering among themselves about who is the most retrograde and regressive and how far back in time they want to take our country, they're dissembling on the grave threat of socialism or equivocating on their anti-gay positions.

"In these most recent debates, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum seemed to be vying for the distinction of having made the most ludicrous statements on LGBT issues. On Saturday, Gingrich made the outrageous claim that the media is trumping up the GOP's anti-LGBT positions to essentially cover up the anti-religious bent of pro-LGBT policies. The absurdity that protecting LGBT Americans from discrimination is fomenting anti-religious bigotry should make anyone's head hurt. It's a straw man argument from a paper tiger candidate.

"More galling was Rick Santorum's assertion on Sunday that if one of his sons were to come out as gay, he would do everything he could to be the best father possible to his child. What Santorum left unsaid is that his idea of being a good father to a gay son would almost certainly include dangerous and damaging ex-gay indoctrination and religious reprogramming. There is no room in Santorum's frothing fanaticism for a happy and healthy out gay son.

"As sure as the sun rises in the east, Mitt Romney is trying to have it both ways once again. On Sunday, he asserted he has never, nor would he ever, discriminate against LGBT people. Unfortunately for him, he is going to have a hard time keeping that promise in addition to the pledge he signed vowing to create a presidential commission to investigate the LGBT community for religious bias and harassment on behalf of a certified hate group. New Hampshire voters shouldn't be fooled by the many faces of Mitt.

"The party of Lincoln has become the party of Lincoln logs - a childish representation of something once real. Their fabled big tent is filled with small ideas and their leaders have become the stooges in a melodramatic sideshow."

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