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Bil Browning: VIP Q Movie Pick

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bil_browning_2.jpgCuriosity got the best of us and we recently decided to ask Bilerico Project founder and longtime LGBT activist Bil Browning to share his favorite LGBT films for the VIP Q Movie Pick. Bil named two films that had an enormous impact on his life.

I have two favorites actually.

1) Torch Song Trilogy - This was the first gay movie I saw. It made a thunderous impact when I realized that there was actually a gay culture to be part of. I immediately went out seeking more like me.

2) Silverlake Life: The View From Here - This quiet and stunning documentary launched my activist career. Watching the slow death of both men and feeling the overpowering sadness that permeates the film made a huge impact. I was outraged at what they'd suffered and knew I'd spend my life in pursuit of social justice for the LGBT community.

Surely you're already aware that Bil Browning is founder and editor of the GLAAD Award nominated, The Bilerico Project, the web's largest LGBTQ group blog with dozens of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and genderqueer contributors.

Please share your favorite LGBT movie picks in the comments field below. Was there a first LGBT film or a particularly moving LGBT film that helped you come out or motivated you as an activist?

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