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Bilerico: A Cost/Benefit Analysis

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As you head into the New Year, I'd like to ask you to stop and take a moment and realize how much content you consume online for free. Those of in the blogosphere are usually doing it for love or small advertising amounts and, as we've seen with all the recent contractions and closings in the LGBT media, the job of "blogger" isn't exactly well paying.

So why do we do it? Some of us have a need to write. Others just want to express their opinions on certain topics. Advocacy is the main goal of others. Whatever the reason, without your support we can't do our jobs.

As long as y'all are helping to pay the basics - rent, food, etc - I'm able to keep guiding Bilerico and our contributors to bigger and greater things.

Last month readers donated $881 to support award winning journalism we give away for free. Can you help us beat that record? Can we raise enough to pay the rent? That puts our goal for the month at $1800. Last month alone, more than half a million visitors came to the site. Surely that's not too much to ask.

Several of you have written lately to ask "How much should I give?" The answer is, of course, "How much do you think Bilerico Project is worth?" To help you decide, we've created this handy guide to help you do a cost/benefit analysis.


Please drop some dollars in our bucket. I can promise you that none of it will go to the Salvation Army. It's a completely different kind of bucket. *grins*

Thanks for all you do to help us keep Bilerico Project up and running.

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