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Obama Chief of Staff Resigns: Change We Can Believe In?

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President Obama's Chief of Staff, Bill Daley, has tendered his resignation and will be replaced by current budget director Jack Lew. William_M_Daley.jpegDaley will stay on through January and the State of the Union address.

Daley succeeded Rahm Emanuel as Obama's chief of staff a year ago, after Emanuel decided to run for mayor of Chicago.

According to the senior Obama aides, Daley returned from vacation last Tuesday and offered his resignation to Obama in a meeting. The president asked Daley to reconsider, the official said.

The two met again on Wednesday, when Daley told Obama it was best for president and the White House if Daley stepped aside, one of the aides said.

The White House had moved many of Daley's responsibilities to Pete Rouse, the former interim Chief of Staff who filled the role following Emanuel's departure. Sources inside the administration acknowledged that this was in response to Daley's inability to do day-to-day management duties.

Let's see how this whole "top advisor thing" has played out so far...

Obama ran on a theme of "change" and "hope."

Then he hired former Clinton senior advisor Rahm Emanuel, one of the architects of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy and the Defense of Marriage Act as "compromises." While the administration made small steps toward full equality like hospital visitation rights, appointing openly LGBT administration officials to low level positions, etc., the repeal of DADT and the administration's decision to stop defending DOMA in court came after Emanuel left the West Wing. Many insiders have often said that the lack of political courage from Democrat presidents can be traced back to Emanuel's advice.

When Emanuel left the administration, he was replaced by Daley - another political insider with a background in finance and ties to centrist groups like Third Way. Daley is hardly the guy you go to for change and grand ideas; he's lived up to his reputation admirably.

Both advisors have had deep ties to the finance industry and big Wall Street banking interests. Lew is the budget director. What do all these men have in common? The only "change" I'm seeing is the change coming out of my pocket lately. I suppose I can believe in that; I see the repercussions daily.

So when will President Obama pick a top advisor that's actually, you know, a liberal seeking positive change for our country instead of a political insider with ties that make it better for them personally to keep the status quo?

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