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Ohio Mayor: Investigate if Two Men Can Join Gym as Family

Filed By Bil Browning | January 19, 2012 6:00 PM | comments

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What in the hell is wrong with some people? While I'd like to chalk this up to plain old ignorance, I wonder how much homophobia is playing into the equation. When Shane and Coty May tried to get a joint membership at a Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio city-operated gym, they were turned away by a woman who told them that their marriage license isn't valid in Ohio and therefore they were lifting-weights.jpgineligible for a discounted family rate.

Mayor Don Robart said he doesn't think it is likely that the city would be allowed to recognize the Mays' marriage because Ohio's legislature has specifically banned gay marriage.

He said he also doesn't want to set a precedent for changing guidelines "every time something pops up. You can't change the rules for every scenario."
The city has turned down family membership requests by heterosexual domestic partners with children, Robart added.

"They say, it's like we're married, and I say, no you're not," he said.
Robart added that for every person who signed the Mays' petition, there is a resident opposed to extending the family rate to gay couples, and "as soon as we make an exception for the gays, we will get a taxpayer lawsuit saying why are you giving them a break when their marriage is illegal in Ohio?"

The newspaper article points out that the gym is the only one with arbitrary rules like this; the rest allow gay couples and heterosexual domestic partners to join by defining their definition of a family membership to include two adults in the same household. The mayor also admits that the guy currently offers 100 different plan rates. So he's worried about one that might include teh gayz? Really?!

And let's quickly point out the Mays are also taxpayers and they're entitled to the same rights as everyone else. Giving them the family membership price isn't the same thing as giving them a tax break.

The Ohio legislature may have defined what "marriage" is in the state, but they sure as hell didn't define "family." A gym membership and a marriage are hardly one in the same. A family, however, is a family.

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