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Shifting Sexuality During Gender Transition: Your Thoughts?

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This is a different sort of post. It's more participatory. Of course, nothing makes an audience want to participate less than openly soliciting participation, but I have no choice. So, please excuse me as I dismount from the stage and BalloonCaption1.jpegrun through the aisles of the eye-contact-avoiding audience searching for a few people I can force into dancing in public. Metaphorically.

Obviously, gender and sexuality aren't synonymous (as we're painfully and repeatedly forced to explain to the cis, heteronormative establishment), but the two certainly are linked. I've noticed in myself, and in many other trans people I talk to, that gender transition often is accompanied by a shift in sexuality. By "shift" I don't mean a rigid 180, but just that things often can alter or open a bit. I learned recently that female-to-male porn star Buck Angel did a documentary raising this very issue. I have my own rudimentary theories on this phenomenon, but certainly my own barely researched, personal hypothesis isn't the end-all be-all of this subject.

That's why I'd like to hear from trans people, either in the comments below or via my Bilerico email, on the subject of shifting sexuality during or after gender transition. Have you experienced this? Why do you think it happened? How have you dealt with it? In short: Tell me about it.

After I examine the testimonials, I'll write another post with some conclusions, which of course will be the end-all be-all, absolutely correct interpretation of the issue.

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