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Stonewall Dems Announce New Leadership Team

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A point of personal pride with this post... Bilerico Project co-founder and my partner, Jerame Davis, has been named as the new Executive Director of National Stonewall Democrats. I'm very proud of him and I know he'll lead the org in a new agressive direction that'll kick ass and take names.

It's about time that GOProud and Log Cabin stopped dominating the LGBT political media realm as they have lately. Y'all know Jerame's got a sharp tongue when it comes to politics; he doesn't hold back! The Republican apologists won't know what hit them. GOProud's Chris Barron will finally get what's coming to him. I can't wait.

I also like that Jerame isn't a DNC insider or one of the toadies only trying to climb the ladder to political power. It'll be refreshing for someone from flyover country to take the reigns of a national organization - especially one that has such a large impact on the places that aren't usually thought of as LGBT-friendly. He's an outsider with a brash style who always puts the good of the community over political pressure. I may be a little biased, but I know that's just what our movement needs as we swing into a presidential election.

Won't you join me in congratulating Jerame for his new gig? What would you like to see out of the revamped Stonewall Dems?

The official press release is after the break.

National Stonewall Democrats is proud to celebrate the New Year with the announcement of a new executive leadership team. Jerame Davis has been selected as the organization's new Executive Director. The group's board of directors has also elected a new executive committee.

Davis has been serving as the NSD interim Executive Director since late 2011. Before joining the staff, Jerame was vice president of the Indiana Stonewall Democrats affiliate and was actively involved in Democratic politics in the Hoosier state.

In addition to serving in the leadership of many Indiana LGBT organizations, he has consulted for a variety of clients on using technology for better organizing and messaging. He is also the co-founder of a popular national LGBT politics and culture website.

"Democratic politics runs through my veins," said Davis. "Living most of my life in a red state dominated by GOP gave me a first hand view of just how regressive and dangerous Republican dominance can be - especially for LGBT people. I am honored to be taking the helm of NSD at such a crucial moment."

In addition to Davis assuming the role of Executive Director, the NSD Board of Directors has elected a new executive team to lead the organization through 2012. Stephen Driscoll (Pembroke, MA) and Laurie McBride (Sacramento, CA) return as co-chairs to succeed outgoing chair Craig Roberts. Aaron Schaler (Indianapolis, IN) will serve as the new secretary and Bill Jacobs (Las Vegas, NV) continues his role as treasurer.

"NSD's new executive director and leadership team bring a solid perspective tempered with institutional knowledge," said Roberts. "Working with Jerame for the past few months has been fantastic and I am confident he is the right person to lead NSD at this critical time. I know NSD is in good hands going into 2012 with this team in place."

"Jerame's outside-the-beltway perspective and political experience positions National Stonewall Democrats as the national voice for pro-equality Democrats as we head into a presidential election," said McBride. "With so many affiliates around the country providing vital grassroots support for LGBT Democrats and our allies, I am confident we are ready to win."

"Anti-gay Republicans and their apologists are on notice," said Driscoll. "Jerame understands that partisan is not a dirty word. Partisanship in pursuit of the greater good is a very high calling indeed. As we swing into campaign mode, a refocused and repurposed NSD will help pave the road to victory in November and to progress beyond."

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