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That Doesn't Sound Like Fun at All

Filed By Bil Browning | January 25, 2012 8:00 AM | comments

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Tags: fundamentalist preacher, Jeebus love, Ken Hutcherson, not much fun, sounds horrible

"How would you like to be a big black man who is conservative, friends with the likes of Dr. James Dobson and Rush Limbaugh, someone who believes that there are no mistakes in the Bible, doesn't care what people think of him, thinks the only way to make your enemy a friend is to defeat them or kill them, thinks it is okay for prisoners to be executed, thinks that the human race is at the top of the food chain, thinks it is okay to drill for oil in our own country, to kick illegals out of that same country, and thinks it's okay to enjoy life? I am about infusing the culture with biblical truth, where ever and whenever I can no matter what the cost."

-- The opening to fundamentalist preacher Ken Hutcherson's new website. How would I like to be that person? Well, I wouldn't like that at all! Hutcherson seems to like bloody imagry though; he compared the Washington Governor to John Wilkes Booth after her recent endorsement of marriage equality legislation.

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