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VIDEO: Ted Haggard Swaps Wives with Gary Busey

Filed By Karen Ocamb | January 04, 2012 5:00 PM | comments

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OK, it's just a reality show - ABC's "Celebrity Wife Swap" - but it's still a little bit like fingernails scratching a blackboard that ABC thinks these dudes are the shining example of marriage not afforded to gay people.

Haggard, you might remember, resigned 5 years ago as leader of the then-important National Association of Evangelicals and pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs after a scandal involving a gay male prostitute and drugs. Haggard admitted to buying the drugs but said he didn't use them - and of course he denied he was gay or had gay sex.

Nonetheless, FoxLA "Good Day LA" co-host and gay favorite Jillian Reynolds talked to Haggard about gay marriage.

On Tuesday, they talked to us about the show via satellite... and let's just say the interview got a little awkward... after Jillian questioned Haggard about his stance on gay marriage.

Video after the break.

Haggard, Busey Talk Wife Swap: MyFoxLA.com

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