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Chris Christie's Version of 'Let's Make a Deal'

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Here's another example of a politician who wants to be a backdoor friend. welcome-to-new-jersey1.jpegThese insufferable idiots suffer under the preconception that just because they don't really believe their public anti-gay stances, we should welcome them with open arms and a wink, wink, nod.

Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has threatened to veto New Jersey's upcoming marriage equality legislation. Instead, Christie argues, the rights of the minority should be left up to a majority vote. After all, he says, he thinks we'd win. He's offering pro-equality Democrats a deal, dammit! (emphasis mine)

CHRISTIE: If the majority of the people want [same-sex marriage] prove it. Put it on the ballot, let it be voted on....I've told every Republican in the state legislator to vote to put it on the ballot. They need three-fifths to put it on the ballot. The Republicans have two-fifths in the legislature. So that means the Democrats only need to come up with one-fifth of the legislature...this is the bargain of your life. I'm giving you two-fifths! And the polls they show me say that if it goes on the ballot, it will lose. How much more magnanimous can I be? What else do you want me to do? Go campaign for it too? Look, I'm doing the best I can here!

Look at that "magnanimous" leap of logic there. Does he need to "campaign for it?" It'd be nice but probably isn't needed. What's needed is a signature into law and that's what Christie wields. Instead, he wants to veto it.

What do we want him to do? Follow, lead, or get out of the way. If he doesn't feel comfortable signing the bill, all he has to do is wait 45 days and it becomes law without his signature. He should do the same thing he's done for us since taking office. Nothing. Simply put, he can pick door number three and take home a nice "get out of the way" consolation prize.

Video of Christie's inanity after the break.

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