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Do Hot Men Freshen the Air?

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Renuzit has a new campaign for their air fresheners, and it is very pleasing to the eyes. In order to promote their new line of esthetically pleasing designs, they have paired the freshener with a shirtless hunk, and the caption, "the first air freshener designed to look as great as it smells."

While the ads are hot, I find their line of thought somewhat confusing. When I first saw the ad I assumed it was being marketed to men, and for its scent, not it's design. I imagined a more musky, men's body wash scented air freshener as opposed to the usual floral. But I was wrong.

Yeah - we all know that sex sells. My mind immediately flashed back to the days of Queer as Folk when Bryan Kinney taught us that the solution to all advertising problems was to throw a shirtless man into the mix - but he always stressed that this was a way to reach the gay community, not women or straight men.

Is this ad doing the same? Check out the pictures of the actual product. It makes me think "napkin holder" not "chiseled abs." And who do they expect to win over? Do women want an air freshener that screams "man?" Does a straight man think that when he brings someone home and shows her the new design, his sex appeal will increase? Maybe he has a picture on his phone to show the ladies at the bar?

I am neither woman nor straight, so I can't know for sure. I am a gay man though, and it is through gay men that I even discovered the campaign exists - and it was only because of the pictures. I guess in that way the ads have been successful - but only with gay men?

What are your opinions on the campaign - especially the women and straight guys out there? Would you buy an air freshener because it is advertised to look like shirtless boys? Let me know in the comments section and check out some of the ads after the jump.


You can find more on the campaign on Renuzit's website and the campaign's Facebook page.

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