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Google's Valentine's Day Doodle Goes Gay

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The Google Doodle of the day is a short animation video showing a young boy's attempts to woo the girl of his dreams.

First he tries the classic long stem red rose which she rejects. Next he attempts a box of chocolates, a sweater, a balloon animal, a teddy bear, a top hat with rabbit included, a TV, a diving helmet, a pie, a heart shaped balloon, and a paper airplane, all of which also do not persuade her.

Finally he has the idea to show their shared interests by joining her in a game of jump rope (am the only one that thinks that would make a great euphemism?). They hug and jump happily ever after. Cute enough right?

But what is most interesting is what comes at the end - a Brady Bunch style 2X3 square showing multiple cartoon couples representing all forms of love including a gay and a lesbian couple.

While my first reaction was "Yay!," after looking closer I was worried about the mixed messages this can send to the public, especially those who are opposed to marriage equality or the LGBT community in general.

The other couples represented are an astronaut and octopus like alien, a princess and a frog, a cat and a dog, and a carton of milk and a cookie. Specifically it is the Princess/Frog and Astronaut/Alien couples that scream "if you let gays marry it will lead to bestiality." What do you think?

And as a side note from a vegan, I think the Milk and Cookie relationship is unnatural and may destroy society. I encourage you to call your elected officials and let them know you are opposed to food on food marriage and its corruption of our children.

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