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Governors Cuomo And Christie Basically The Same Person

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Journalists aren't supposed to say "gay marriage" or "same-sex marriage" anymore--we're supposed to say "marriage equality" because focus groups hate gays and gay sex. But anyhoo...


Joe Nocera of The New York Times took a look at the policies of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and basically concluded that apart from Cuomo supporting same-sex marriage, they're basically the same person:

Even before taking office, for instance, Cuomo gave an interview to Nick Confessore of The Times laying out his strategy for countering "the well-financed labor unions he believes have bullied previous governors and lawmakers into making bad decisions."

He proposed cutting billions from Medicaid, and instituting medical malpractice reform, which would limit what patients could get in malpractice cases.

His first budget squeezed savings from schools, health care and social services. He initially opposed extending a so-called millionaires' tax (though, eventually, he grudgingly conceded). He has called for tuition increases at the State University System, and for limiting retirement benefits for new city and state workers.

He has pushed through the Legislature a 2 percent cap on property tax increases -- the exact same amount as Chris Christie's property tax cap in New Jersey. Just the other day, The Times published an article about how Cuomo is attempting to consolidate power -- just as Christie is accused of doing in New Jersey.

It's kinda like when the Human Rights Campaign gave Target a 100 percentage rating in their Corporate Equality Index for having LGBT-friendly work policies while Target's CEO gave $150,000 to the anti-gay campaign of Minnesota Representative Tom Emmer.

Target apologized, supposedly changed their political donations policy and now has an 85 percent rating in HRC'S CEI LMNOP.

While draining social services and retirement benefits are more anti-progressive than anti-gay, Bloomberg also donated millions over the last several years to help re-elect the same anti-gay New York legislators who helped prevent the passage of gay marriage in earlier years.

So if a body supports gays with one hand and gives to anti-gay candidates with the other, doesn't that make them less pro-gay? Should we pillory these allies in the public press?

General consensus is that we're better off letting Bloomberg and his ilk persuade Republicans to support gay marriage while the gay press targets Democrats who vote against gay marriage; Democrats like Maryland legislator Sam Arora who campaigned as a gay marriage supporter but recently voted against his state's marriage equality bill.

In the end, Cuomo is perhaps like Target--85 percent pro-gay and 100 percent pro-profits. And Christie is 85 percent pro-gay and 100 percent pro-profits and 2 percent hamburger meat... I have proof.

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