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Is Glittering a Personal Assault? [Comment of the Week]

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silver-glitter.jpgAfter hearing about the Colorado Boulder student who got arrested this week for glitter-bombing Mitt Romney, I was relieved that we would perhaps finally see an end to the annoying new trend in slacktivism.

Today, I was going to write a post to the effect of, "Can we stop with the glitter-bombing already?" It was clever at first - a cleaner, refreshingly rainbow spin on the activist pie-in-the-face - but after seeing dozens of stunts like this in the past eight months, I'm definitely over it. It's no longer news - somewhat because the videos aren't interesting and the "bombs" are usually really poorly played, but mostly because everyone's already read (or written) that story: Activist gets angry, throws some glitter on politician (or sex commentator), gets carted away by security. The message - if there is one - doesn't get across, and instead, people just roll their eyes, annoyed that the activists can't find a better use of their time and a better method of intelligent discourse.

I was going to write that - but then Bil directed me to this comment by Timothy Adams on a post by Bilerico's new Associate Editor, Daniel Villareal.

Timothy skillfully articulates a lot of what I was thinking about this morning. Check it out:

The problem with the general juvenile tactics of this is that nobody knows it's glitter until after it's happened. People suspiciously stalking a possible presidential candidate and getting closer while concealing something in their jacket that could also be a gun, weapon, anthrax or whatever, but turns out to be glitter is still a personal assault on another human being.

You're not changing any minds. You are making us look mean and petty to those in the middle. And considering how much time and energy this community spends on not wanting to be called names and humiliated because of our sexual orientation, it's amazing to see the eagerness with which we embrace the same tactics against those with whom we disagree. Very shameful.

You live in the greatest country on Earth with democratic methods of getting your message across and affecting change in the law, and yet you choose selfish, egomaniacal, narcissistic methods which make the rest of us look bad. If you can't treat a conservative like a human being, any cries for the same treatment being applied to yourself because of your minority status ring very hollow.

I promise you, many more minds are changed through respectful interaction and dialogue than public humiliation or assault. If anything else, you only galvanize and reaffirm the opposition in their beliefs about us when you engage in these tactics.


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