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Live Blogging RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4, Episode 4

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Hi folks. After two weeks of recapping and realizing how long it takes to write, and in an attempt to be a little more timely,Dragracelogo.png I will be experimenting with live blogging tonight's episode. Check in here starting at 9:00 EST, and please leave suggestions in the comments section about what you like and what you'd like to hear.

If you need to catch up, check out my recaps of Episode 2 and Episode 3. See ya at 9:00.

Heya folks. It's race time. I'm joined by my partner, David and a couple friends - so I can't promise all the catty comments are mine, but let's get things started after the jump and enjoy the ride.

9:00: Let's Get this Race Started

Last week on, The girls learned how to sell themselves and we said goodbye to the Princess and Sharon Needles came out victorious.

Tonight - they go to jail.


You got a She Mail

And the mini challenge is: Posing for a mugshot. I have a feeling a few have had practice.

And handcuffed to each other? Also experienced.


Did Willam rim a smurf?
Seems to have worked - she won.


Tonight's main challenge? Divide into two teams and act in a prison based sitcom.


First commercial break and my hands are already tired. I should remember to lube up first next week.


How many contestants have used the line, "I'm an actor," tonight?

Check-in time:

Willam needs some more cred than minor TV rolls if she is going to keep up the bitch mode (and some better concealer for that 5:00 shadow couldn't hurt).


Team Willam:

Was this challenge designed specifically for Latrice? Ex-con to prison guard?


Making use of the commercial break to switch to a computer that works. Sorry folks.


Is beaver that difficult to say? And I like the idea that Bieber is into furries.


It's a Bloody Mary not a Virgin Mary.


Say eww like Lucille Ball - I love dirty talk.


Sharon Needles tries to apologize to Phi Phi for last week's jabs on the runway. Phi Phi gave her the scary goth role and it worked. I understand coming off as flat, but go with what you know.


At least I am a showgirl bitch!

I am the future of drag!

I'll take Sharon's side here.


Runway time.

Did Ru just say she looked Vaginal in white?


Seriously Willam - they ripped Shangella apart last year for the 5:00 shadow. Fix it.


Time to see the final clips of Hot it Tuck-a-ho:


Team LaQueer: Nothing much to laugh at. I'm yawning a lot this episode. Maybe not the best pick for my first attempt at this.


Team Willam: Yep - this episode was made for Latrice. Tried them once, almost gagged to death!

Funnier, but still blah. They win anyway, and Latrice rides her time behind bars to this weeks win.


Kenya lacks the ability to be butch - there are worse criticisms.

LaQueer - no one likes her accent. Comment from the room - they were being nice.

Dida - moisturize - also worse criticisms.

I missed the last one - sorry.


LaQueer's accent becomes a large part of discussion. Check out fellow contributor Daniel Villarreal's discussion on this issue.


And this weeks lip-syncers are: Madame LaQueer and Milan.

Packing black lipstick? Nice move Milan.

Why do they always end up stripping?

"Swiffered the floor with his taint!" Thanks Willum for the best quote of the night!"


The taint swiffering works and Milan lives on while LaQueer saches away.

Okay folks - we made it. I'm looking forward to next weeks Snatch Game, and will make sure I'm more technically prepared. I'm not going to attempt Untucked unless you ask nicely. Live blogging cherry popped - it can only get better from here.

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