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More Crazy Conspiracy Theories & Assumptions

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Here's yet another nutjob pontificating about me based entirely on their own assumptions and made-up conspiracy theories. Here's Ashley Love's latest diatribe on Facebook.


It reminds me of a Twitter troll who insists I've "sold out to Gay Inc" for the invitations to "ski weekends and circuit parties." If the troll knew me at all, they'd know I hate cold weather so skiing is off my bucket list. I also rarely drink, have never done any drug stronger than weed, can't dance, and my bipolar is often triggered by packed crowds and loud noises. But why stoop to sticking with the facts?

So to set Ashley straight on the facts... GLAAD isn't honoring me or Dan Savage. They chose to honor Bilerico Project - the work of a lot of people. And affluent? I have to go back to Indiana next week for my house foreclosure and I've been reduced to posting pleas for readers to donate to cover the rent. I'm hardly rolling in the dough.

The article on Transadvocate was written by the same person I highlighted in "The Stupid Burns Files: No 3842" and regularly features Katrina Rose - the trans woman who thinks that bloggers who say glittering allies is a stupid idea are only doing it to prevent a transgender nondiscrimination bill from passing in Maryland.

It's amazing to me how such a small group of loudmouths have managed to be taken even remotely seriously, but I suppose Glenn Beck has his followers too. I have a ton of friends and colleagues who think they're batshit crazy too, but their inanity continues to work up tempests in teapots. Maybe soon they'll be asking to see my birth certificate.

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