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Alex Blaze

Newt Gingrich Doesn't Live Like a Porn Star

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John Becker posted an ad his org (Truth Wins Out) is running in Roll Call yesterday, saying that Newt Gingrich "talks like a preacher, lives like a porn star."

I wouldn't be anywhere near the first one to point out how insulting the comparison is to porn stars, including the way the ad ejaculates "porn star" as if it were equivalent to "rapist," "heroin dealer," or "terrorist," so I'll just point out that doing porn does not involve divorcing people when they're sick.

What's intriguing is that there's a man who's had three sexual partners that we know about. He probably had more, but we only know about three. That's nowhere near "porn star."

I have a friend who's a porn star. Not just an actor or a model, but an actual star with leading roles in quite a few videos. He's had far more than three sexual partners in his life; he's even had more than three sexual partners at one time. And most people, even social conservatives, would assume that porn stars have more sex than Newt Gingrich has ever had.

(I'll also point out that my friend is a sweetheart, not at all homophobic, never dog-whistles about race, and wouldn't ever shut down the US federal government. I'll have to ask what he thinks about a moon colony, though.)

So the ad can either be taken sincerely - that gays are really so naive and Victorian that they think that three sexual partners is unheard of in America - or it can be taken as an archetypal over-the-top attack ad, made to be ignored.

So, no, they're not going to be forced to reconsider their political beliefs. They already know about Gingrich's marrying around, and they just plain don't care. (If you don't believe me, click that link. They really don't care about Gingrich's marital history at all.)

In fact, almost no one cares in America, except for partisans who like to insult the other party's politicians with this stuff, gasbags on TV who have to fill up 24 hours with pointless jibber-jabber, and Democrats who get mad at Democratic pols for being so "stupid" as to put the party at risk. Republicans, on the other hand, just get mad at the "liberal media" for bringing it up and get back to work.

Yes, it's just one little ad, but it's an illustrative example of the interactions used to police sexuality in our culture. No one actually follows the "You only get to have sex with one person in your whole life" rule, but lots of us like to pretend that violating it reflects on one's moral character.

It doesn't, and it's disheartening to see the gays pick up a weapon that's been used to bludgeon us for centuries. It's no fun to be called names, but calling the bully those same names back doesn't stop the fight. It just hardens hearts and keeps us from convincing anyone that we're right.

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