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Top 10 Reasons To Celebrate Being Single

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It's estimated that consumers will spend approximately 17.6 billion dollars in cards, flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and other Valentine's Day paraphernalia today. We live in a culture that idealizes family and relationships and oppresses those who are single. As a therapist who loves to help same-sex couples, I have probably been guilty of perpetuating that oppression myself.Golden-girls.jpg

But today I am reminded that many people remain single. Some do so by choice, others as a result of circumstances beyond their control. Let's include our whole community in today's festivities by recognizing the top ten advantages to being single:

  1. You don't have to tolerate snoring, burping, farting, dirty socks on the floor, and other disgusting habits.
  2. You can watch television, get drunk, or knit an afghan sweater without getting anyone else's approval.
  3. You can save for retirement or buy a 1955 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing for 4.62 million. It's your money.
  4. You can stay up all night having sex with someone named Alessandro that you met briefly at a party, or drift to sleep watching the Golden Girls at 8:30.
  5. You only have to pay off your own debt.
  6. You can go to the freezer and trust that your ice cream will still be there.
  7. You can make reservations for one at Chez Pannise or heat up that leftover burrito from Uncle Buck's Bar & Grill. Only your doctor will tell you what to eat.
  8. You don't have to ask anyone for permission to have an orgasm.
  9. You can focus on managing your own emotions and never have to read any boring books on codependency or stupid love languages.
  10. You can join Occupy Valentine's Day and organize a nonviolent protest against the "romantic-industrial complex."

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