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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4, Episode 3 Glamazons vs. Champions

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Heya folks. Welcome back and I hope you enjoyed last week. Let's get going.

In case you missed last week, here's what happenedthe girls transformed they themselves into pro-wresters. In the end, Lashauwn Beyond sached away.

And now for Episode 4: rupaul.jpeg

The Girls return to the work room and start the usual recap banter and bitchy reminded of the shade thrown around on the previous runway. The Princess has taken offense to Jiggly Caliente's personal attacks (is she being kept around just to have someone to bitch about?)

Eww Girl! You got She-mail:

In Ru's prerecorded segment to announce this weeks segment, I was completely lost until I realized all of the dialogue was titles of her songs, and the episode is names after her albums. Great marketing.

Ru enters the workroom and invites in Pia Martel, a drag star and performer born with no legs. She will be the inspiration for the mini-challenge (legless drag queen = mini-challenge? Did they think that through?). While her story is inspirational, the challenge is to make headpieces our of silk butterflies - which is a stretch attempt at connecting Pia into the challenge. She calls her fans butterflies.

The girls are divided into teams of two, and everyone is allowed to pick a partner. There are an odd number left, so Jiggly is the obvious one ignored and is allowed to pic the team she would like to join. No one seems happy.

The girls are given 20 minutes, Ru says go, and the girls start fighting for silk and sequins. Time is up and the judging begins.

Latrice and Milan present basically nothing and give one of the best lines of the night: "The basis of making a headdress is to make sure you can actually wear it. We fail." And that they did. It was a foam mannequin head with a piece of construction paper glued on top.

The rest of the queens make hates that are some mix between grandma and potted plant. The final winners are Jiggly, Phi Phi, and Kenya and will be team captain in the main challenge. They awkwardly place the hat on Pia and she is carried out.

And this weeks main challenge?

The girls discover the world of the infomercial. They are divided into two teams and are ordered to create a commercial for RuPaul's two albums, Champion and Glamazon. Each member of the team must create personal testimonials explaining how Ru's music changed their lives, along with a theme, costumes, and choreography.

They pick teams.

The Glamazons are team captain Kenya, Chad Michaels, Willam, Milan, the Princess, and Madame LaQueer (Kenya rejects a high-five from Madame - and a cut away to Kenya informs us that she thinks Madame LaQueer is so bad it is a disgrace to Puerto Rico).

The Champions are team captain Phi Phi, Sharon Needles, Dida Ritz, Latrice Royale, and Jiggly Caliente.

The girls have 30 minutes to write, dress, learn a song, choreograph, and get into drag - so tensions are high. The Champions have no central theme, while The Glamazons are going for an 80s theme.

Both teams seem to hate their team leaders, and a lot of what happens is chaos. Sharon Needles is pissed because she has been stereotyped into the Goth Queen (I can understand why).

Citing the language barrier, Milan steps in a co-captain with Kenya, which leads the Princess to blame every problem on the weak leadership, (but I thought two wings were better than one?).

And now for the show:

Each Queen gets a limited number of takes - and they definitely need it.

In the final infomercial there are bad and great on both teams with neither one as a clear winner, and we are never actually told which team came out on top.

Time for the runway. The theme is metallics (because that ties in well with hocking Ru's music). We meed the judges: As always RuPaul, Michelle Visage, and Santino Rice with guest judges Glee's Amber Riley and Natalie Cole.

The top three for the week are Chad Michael, Kenya Michael, and Sharon Needles (I'm completely addicted).

The bottoms are Dida Ritz, Madame LaQueer, and the Princess.

Even though Ru had initially worried her drag was too dark, Sharon Needles wins!

Madame LaQueer is safe leaving Dida Ritz and the Princess to lip sync for their lives. Dida rocks it and sends the Princess home to her castle.

After seeing how long these recaps take, next week I am going to try live blogging the episode instead. We'll see how that goes. I hope you tune in.

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