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The Stupid Burns Files: No 3842

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Trans Femmergy blog gets tucked nicely into the Stupid Burns files this week after they published a breathless post asking "Why is Bilerico Accepting Money From Anti-Choice Organizations?" The post is tagged with stuff like "anti-oppression," "feminism," "anti-misogyny," and "women's sexuality." Wow. Holy crap. We must have done something rewy rewy bad, eh? They kindly provide a screenshot of the site and breathlessly tell us:

That's an anti-choice ad, specifically, a petition to overturn Roe v. Wade right there next to the "Donate to Bilerico!" banner and a little GLAAD icon. If you click on the advertisement, you're taken to the National Pro-Life Alliance's petition page, which associates itself with Sen. Rand Paul.

...someone with Bilerico Media LLC exercised "absolute discretion" over the placement of an anti-choice ad in that top right column and accepted between $200 and $700 for it.

Sweet begonia! A donate banner and a GLAAD ad! Heavens to mergatroid! That's a lot of cash!!

The problem? It's a Google remnant ad from an ad service. And since it's on our front page it's mostly aimed at the reader's interests. (On a specific page it can be tailored more to the content.) So for that ad, we might have made a penny since she clicked it.

The best part? If you drop to the bottom of the Trans Femmergy page, you'll find a Google ad. What's it for? A misogynistic Toyota Camry ad featuring a group of half naked women forming a human couch for a man to sit on. (Clickety to embiggen.)


So to ask the same question they do at the end, "Why does any vaguely progressive or civil rights-oriented site have standards so low that an anti-choice ad can appear on their homepage?" Because that's what the ad service provided. Same as on Trans Femmergy.

Oy. The stupid burns. Maybe next time instead of just making shit up out of whole cloth and shooting at shadows behind every tree, they'll write and ask - but I doubt it.

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