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Today in Marriage Equality: 3 State Roundup

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There's lots of news about marriage equality legislation this morning. Here's what you need to know:

New Jersey

The New Jersey General Assembly will vote on the Thumbnail image for rings.jpg"Marriage Equality and Religious Exemption Act" today. The measure is expected to clear the Democrat led chamber easily, but Governor Chris Christie is still threatening a veto.


The Maryland House of Delegates will vote today on the state's marriage equality bill. Supporters need 71 votes and can count on 70 so far. Everyone's hopes have been pinned on Representative Sam Arora, who ran on a platform that included support of same-sex marriage, but who changed his vote last year. He has been proclaiming his support of civil unions lately.

Will he take the chance to get a fresh start with the netroots progressives who got him elected? This is his chance to flip from zero to hero with one vote.

While the vote was supposed to happen this morning, some sources are saying the vote may be pushed back to later today or tomorrow as supporters scramble to get the last vote.


Colorado's state senate Judiciary Committee passed civil unions legislation yesterday on a bipartisan 5-2 vote. This paves the way for a full vote by the full senate where it expected to pass. The state house of representatives poses a problem though, since Republicans hold a one vote majority. With many Republicans voting their conscience instead of strict party lines, there's a chance it may pass. Governor John Hickenlooper supports the measure and called for it's passage in his State of the State address earlier this year.

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