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Uncomfortable Silence Edition [What You Need to Know]

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chickensilencebear.jpgToday's edition of "What You Need to Know" is brought to you by Uncomfortable Silence Bear. If you're not checking out Savage Chickens, you're missing out on some really funny toons - all drawn on post it notes. It's a daily stop on my RSS feed and I'm continuously sharing them on Facebook. You will too, I'm sure of it.

  • Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church hired a convicted child molester as their latest minister. When parent parishioners objected to the sex offender's employment since he's not allowed to be around children, church authorities came up with a novel solution - they banned children from the church.
  • Three lesbians who attacked a gay man and hurled anti-gay epithets at him during the attack have been charged with a hate crime. Their lawyer is arguing that they can't be convicted of an anti-gay hate crime since they're lesbians.
  • Darren Criss and Kermit sing "The Rainbow Connection." I loved that song as a kid. I had the record; now it's on my iPod.
  • The British government has announced that they will give free HIV medication to foreigners.
  • Harvard University students, faculty and staff will protest outside the launch of the Born This Way foundation. The group wants the university to posthumously award degrees to former students who were persecuted during the 1920s for being perceived as gay. The students were weeks away from graduation when they were expelled.
  • Yet another Romney gaffe... During a campaign stop in Michigan, Rmoney wanted to connect with voters soooo bad he "recalled" attending a parade that actually happened before he was born. Whoops!
  • Gay porn star Roman Ragazzi has taken his own life [link NSFW]. The Israeli was working at the United Nations when a New York tabloid exposed his side career in porn. The newspaper called his UN office and instead of asking to speak to Dror Barak, his real name, they asked to speak to Roman. Barak promptly quit and went to work full time as a fitness trainer and porn actor. His partner says depression was the cause of Barak's suicide.
  • The origins of HIV is a fascinating read you won't want to miss.

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