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An Open Letter to Duane Borders [Comment of the Week]

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This week's highlighted comment comes to us from Duane Borders on my post, "Indiana Tries to Take Away Gay license Plate (Again)." He conveniently reminds us that he earned his name only because his parents were too stupid to spell "Dumbass."

Duane Borders ยท Works at United Brotherhood of Carpenters
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Personally I really don't care about your personal choices or private lives but believing that your way is normal and expecting everyone to except it as such is idiotic. I see the benefits of having the plates as a marking to single you out for a good beating. Learn that the majority is against you and accept that. Don't shove it down my throat that you think you are entitled and I won't flatten your tires every time I see one of the plates on a car. Next the child molesters will want their own plates then it will be the turn of necrophiliacs. You're all in the same boat in my opinion. Do what you want to do just don't make it a political or social issue. It is not. Be grateful you live in America and not somewhere else that would have already had you strung up. Liberal f***s that you are.

My response is after the break.

Dear Duane Borders,

Calling you an idiot would be an insult to stupid people. You are a slack-jawed troglodyte; a relic of the poor redneck past your parents and grandparents and great grandparents all slogged through wishing they were more than they actually were.

While you seem to revel in your boasts of mindless violence, it's easy to see that you're only as big as your keyboard allows. By making vague threats on the internet, you allow yourself to forget the tiny life you spend blindly raging in the cold LCD light.

One of the biggest signs of an over-compensating closet case is the condemnations of "you" people coupled with a puffed out bully's chest stuffed full of mediocre menace. I'm amazed that someone as completely heterosexual as yourself spent your time seeking out information about a specialty license plate for LGBT people, exerted all that mental energy to put together the funny symbols on the screen into words and sentences, plus summoned up the time to put down the doughnut and pork rinds sandwich, wipe the cum off your keyboard, and peck out words as long as "necrophiliacs" one spell-check assisted letter at a time.

You will spend the rest of your brief and miserable life desperately yearning for a status greater than your own too, but the sad truth of your existence is that you are exactly where you are capable of being. You wear the tiny existence you've spent your life gathering like a shit encrusted mantle made of shame and unshed tears.

You, sir, are the exact reason why Indiana Youth Group exists and why it should be supported with a small fundraising gesture like a charitable license plate. They teach the kids how to deal with small minded cowardly oafs like you.



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