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Don't Re-Nig Edition [What You Need to Know]

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Just when you start to hope that everyone has a redeeming quality, along comes another racist Republican to prove you wrong. Check out this bumpersticker that was previously being sold by Stumpy's Stickers dont-renig-sticker.jpg(until it went viral). The sticker company's website has now been shutdown following a flood of angry not-racists going, uh, ape shit over it. Damn those not-racists. Always ruining Stumpy's fun...

God, what a jackass. It's not often that a graphic fills me with rage, but this one succeeded nicely. So what else should you know today that might or might not piss you off? Here you go:

  • The alleged killers of a Chelsea gay man had their first day in court. Edwin Faulkner, 30, and Juan Carlos Martinez-Herrera, 30, fled to Florida after choking John Laubach to death and stealing his valuables. The duo were apprehended last week.
  • Rosie O'Donnell's talk show has been canceled. The show tanked in the ratings, but Oprah's OWN network isn't doing too well over all.
  • According to some rightwing nutjob, video games make kids gay. I guess we can add that to the list of other "known" causes like distant fathers, overbearing mothers, and eating too many raisins as a child.
  • Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are both morons, but Romney still won Puerto Rico's Republican primary. Stupid is as stupid does, I suppose.
  • New Hampshire's largest newspaper, the Union Leader, has published an editorial urging to skip a legislative vote to place a non-binding repeal of the state's marriage equality law on the ballot as an amendment to other legislation. Instead, the paper favors putting the question to the ballot as an actual referendum to bypass Governor John Lynch's threatened veto.
  • Omar Shariff Jr has come out as a gay man with a Jewish mother. He talks about how dangerous his admission is in his homeland of Egypt - where one is considered about as taboo as the other.
  • Take a look at the personal stories of the lesbian mourner and the priest who denied her communion and left her mother's funeral service. The priest apparently has some powerful friends. The lesbian has the dignity of being right.

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