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Exposing the Idiocy of 'Stop SB48' Through Video

Filed By Daniel Villarreal | March 05, 2012 9:00 AM | comments

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fair3.jpgFew news outlets have discussed it recently, but the anti-equality movement behind StopSB48 are still collecting signatures to repeal California's LGBT-inclusive Fair Education Act, a bill which would include LGBTs in public school history and other classes.

If Stop SB48 gets their way, great thinkers like Plato, Leonardo DaVinci and Barbara Jordan will get stuffed back in the closet, leaving students ignorant of the many ways LGBT people have helped shape the world.

So I made a video exposing Stop SB48's idiocy and encouraging people to support FairEducationAction.com... and I'd love your feedback on how to make future videos even better.

Did I leave out anything? Should I consider doing something different next time? Keep in mind that I made the video in about an hour using mostly Photoshop and iMovie and without access to copyrighted images or music.

For my next video (which I have already started working on), I plan on highlighting just how many LGBT people live in California and how repealing SB48 would basically erase them from the history books.

Your input and ideas are invaluable... or even better join the digital revolution and oppose LGBT inequality by making your own video PSA!

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