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RuPaul's Drag Race Recap Season 4, Episode 6

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rupaul.jpegHeya folks. Since my night job has claimed my Monday nights for the rest of the month, I am back to recaps.

I'm going to treat this as I do the live blogging since this is my first time watching the episode. Timestamps are how many minutes into the show we are in case you feel like skipping around.

Let's get this race started after the jump.

Last week the girls did their best celebrity impersonation for the "Snatch Game." Chad Michaels as Cher won, and Kenya Michaels (I just realized they have the same last name - jealous sisters?) as Beyonce sached away.

Tonights Episode: Float Your Boat

Willam to Milan - You sent the two Puerto Ricans home. You'll never be in Westside Story again. Ha!


You Got a She Mail!

The mini challenge is for the Queens to compete in a wet t-shirt contest. They are given new fake boobs, t-shirts, and 30 minutes to style.

It's Spring Break at Gaytona Beach!

Milan: How did that wig stay on?

Chad: Definately a cougar.

Jiggly: Jiggly

Sharon: "I'd prefer to mock sexiness."

Phi Phi: Lost here boobs and her hair.

Willam: Look at that tuck.

Dida: Ru - "Everything looks good on a Dida Ritz."

Latrice: Pulls off the boobs better than them all.

And the winner is Willam - who is very humble.


This week's main challenge: Pride.

The queens will be decorating cardboard boats as their own gay pride floats. Each queen will be a different color of the gay pride flag. The theme is Hope and to honor the memory of the queens that threw the first punches at Stonewall.

As the mini challenge winner, Willam gets to assign colors (what a shitty prize):

Willam: Blue

Jiggly: Orange

PhiPhi: Violet

Dida: Red

Latrice: Turquoise

Chad: Pink

Milan: Yellow

Sharon: Green

They can use their own drag for a supper cheque, fashion forward look.


Sharon is making a snake: "I'm thinking Maduza - look at me and I'll turn you into a Stonewall."

Willam and Chad give the girls a Stonewall history lesson.


Ru Check-in.

Jiggly: She has absolutely no plan and Ru is not happy - I'm calling her for the bottom 3 tonight.

Dida: Nothing but a reminder to be fashion forward.

Willam: Quotes Ru's book, shows her designer fashion - luckily she can buy her way to the top - I'm calling top 3.

Milan: Inspiration - flashback to the future. Ru reminds her that she has lip synced twice now - I'm detecting a third.

PhiPhi: She gives a vague personal history and Ru mostly comforts rather than critiques.

Latrice: No Check-in - safe

Sharon: No Check-in - safe

Chad: No Check-in - safe


I think Dida just put a semen-stain on her boat. I appreciate that authenticity.

Everyone discussed their pride experience based one where they are from. Most of the time is spent calling Willam a bitch. She is covering her boat with her face - I have to agree.


Next day.

Jiggly's ancor looks like a penis - and that is the only thing it has going for it.

Dida says she is going grade school. I have seen kids crafts better than that.

Ahh! I've never have seen Jiggly without a wig or hat. That scared me a little.


Runway time.

This weeks guest judges are Kelly Osbourne and Pualey Perrette.

Bring on the girls:

I love the dancing wave boys!

Chad: Painted showgirl - I like.

Dida: I hate the t-shirt. "I pee on the runway." What?

Jiggly: Is that a life jacket?

Milan: Inspired by Fire Island. I'm confused.

Sharon: Love the snake. Love her.

Latrice: Watch it Sharon - she is pushing you out of my favorite position.

Willam: Barely dressed and actually gets out of the boat. I think they loved it - but I can still see the 5:00 shadow and it really annoys me that they have not called her out for it.

PhiPhi: One of her best looks thus far.



Chad: Not as fresh as they's like.

Dida: They hate the clothes and the boat.

Jiggly: Does a reveal of a swimsuit - why didn't she do that on the runway? They hate the boat.

Milan: They don't buy her history and give her shit that her name is on the front - um -Willams face is all over hers. I doubt she is called out.

Sharon: Love her look, blah on the boat.

Latrice: Kelly - "I love anything that Sparkles and you do from top to bottom."

Willam: Cracks up the judges with her story and talks about getting married and wearing designor fashion. They think the boat looks professional - I think she has this one.

PhiPhi: Love the look but needs to work on her body shape.


The girls are sent back inside as the judges deliberate.

They don't say anything much more than what they said to the queens on stage.

Kelly - "Sharon Needles is my mother's maiden name." Ha! She would love to see the child of Chad and Sharon. I would too.

Michelle - "If Milan takes the wig off tonight, she's gone."


Chad: Safe

Latrice: Safe

Sharon: Safe

Willam: Winner! Yet I lack the ability to be happy for her. "It feels correct to win."

Phi Phi: Safe

Jiggly: Time to lip sync.

Dida: Safe but barely.

Milan: For the third week in a row, time to lip sync.


They lip sync to Gaga's "Born This Way."

There goes Milan's Wig and most of her costume. Bye bye honey.


Surprise surprise. Jiggly lives for another day and Milan finally saches away.

Okay folks. See ya again next week when the queens must launch their own magazines.

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