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RuPaul's Drag Race Recap Season 4, Episode 8

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rupaul.jpegHeya folks. Since my night job has claimed my Monday nights for the rest of the month, I am back to recaps.

I'm going to treat this as I do the live blogging since this is my first time watching the episode. Timestamps are how many minutes into the show we are in case you feel like skipping around.

Let's get this race started after the jump.

Last week the girls created their own dragazines, Willam was finally told to shave, and Jiggly had her final lip sync.

Tonight's Episode: Frenemies

You Got a She Mail!


Tonight's mini challenge is - Each queen will be taking a lie detector test. The winner is the most truthful.

The results are used to decide which queens are least like each other:

Chad and Dida

Latrice and Willam (I can't wait!)

PhiPhi and Sharon


For the main challenge, each team must create a nightclub act including costumes, choreography and special lyrics for "Better Than You" which they must sing live on stage.

Willam apparently has a band.

PhiPhi wants to do Glinda and Elphaba, Sharon wants angel and devil. Sharon - you're killing me here.

Dida and Chad are two sick cats.



Dida and Chad - Plan to just read each other. Ru doesn't say much. I'm thinking safe.

Sharon and PhiPhi - opera meets metal. I'm not sure how this is going to go.

Willam and Latrice - quiet confidence vs LOUD confidence.

Hmm - I can't make strong predictions yet. Thanks producers.

Biggest twist - The losing team will lip sync against each other.


Practice time. The girls do a run through with Ru's producer.

Latrice and Willam - They aren't horrible. Willam does seem to have a bit more singing experience but that is about it.

Dida and Chad - They make that last pair look good. That is all.

PhiPhi and Sharon - I can't call this singing. The vocals are getting in the way of the lyrics - ha!

I am not seeing this go well for anyone.


Willam is not her usual loud self. This worries/confuses everyone. I thought they'd be pleased.

PhiPhi and Sharon are getting along. This must be the hell freezes over couple.

Willam admits a lack of drag family. Producers, are you trying to humanize the ice queen?


Main Stage time.

Tonight's Guest Judges are Pam Anderson and Jennifer Tilly.

Latrice and Willam:

They start with a joke about Willam's mustache. I think they are pulling it off - literally.

Phi Ph and Sharon:

Glad they dropped the odd accents. But the jokes seem to be falling flat.

Chad and Dida:

They are as stiff as Chad's face - but at least joke about it.

Hmm - that all kinda sucked. Let's see what the judges think.


Willam and Latrice:

The judges seemed to have really liked it all around. Winners?

Chad and Dida:

Michelle LOVED them! But that is all.

PhiPhi and Sharon:

Everyone thinks they should have been more mean and funnier.

This could go anywhere.


The judges discusses:

I think Latrice and Willam have it. Nothing new about them. Chad and Dida were blah, and I'm pretty sure Sharon and PhiPhi will be lip syncing. Come on SHARON! I can't lose you.


The winners are: Willam and Latrice. They win a customized corsette.

Before Ru can announce a winner, Willam blows chunks off stage!

Sharon and PhiPhi must lip sync. NO!

They sing to it's Raining Men the Sequel! (That exists?)

PhiPhi looses a wig, but Sharon's mug can show a lot of emotion.


Willam is called forward and eliminated for breaking a rule! That we are not told!!!!!!WHAT? They are leaving us hanging like that? And don't even tell us who would have won the lip sync? I mean, I'm happy to still have my Sharon and was far from a Willam fan, but I have called him for my top three. Oh well.

See ya next week.

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