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RuPaul's Drag Race Recap Season 4, Episode 9

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Sharon-Needles-Bachmann.jpgHeya folks. Since my night job has claimed my Monday nights for the rest of the month, I am back to recaps.

I'm going to treat this as I do the live blogging since this is my first time watching the episode. Timestamps are how many minutes into the show we are in case you feel like skipping around.

Let's get this race started after the jump.

Last week the ladies reminded us why most queens stick to lip syncing, Willam barfed on the runway and was sent home for breaking undisclosed rules. We are expected to wait until the reunion special for the big reveal.

This week: Frock the Vote!


Best workroom entrance all season - Gold confetti to chants of "Goodbye Shady Bearded Lady." Oh poor Willam.


You Got a She Mail!

Teabagger and Stripper Poll have never been better used.

For tonight's mini-challenge:

The queens must decorate a pair of platform heels inspired by some Absolut Cocktails.

Latrice - Absolut Punch
Dida - Absolut Collins
Sharon - Absolut Berry Sour
PhiPhi - Absolut Grapevine
Chad - Absolut Greyhound

Dida - Inspired by Marie Antoinette and the Victorian age? I didn't know the royals were Tom Collin's fans.

Sharon - How does Berry Sour inspire a Native American Theme?

PhiPhi - wins for something green - and there is no real prize.


Speaking of platforms . . .

And tonight's main challenge:

The Queens must face the nation in a Frock the Vote national debate for the worlds first drag queen president. They must create an opening and closing statement and slogans.


The only drama in the workroom is PhiPhi's indigestion - and overconfidence. Sounds like Willam to me.

Check-in Time w/ Special guest judge Dan Savage:

Latrice: Dan suggests people would prefer Peace with Latrice not A Piece of Latrice. Way to make it serious, Dan.

PhiPhi: Dan - your name sounds like shit. That's not the first time he said that. I think we just found tonight's Santorum.

Dida: Politics is hard to discuss. Tells Dan he read her. That's all.

Chad: Oh No - Lady Pimp Michaels. She is going funny and that is not seeming the thing this episode. A double pink afro wig? Chad - I don't think you are polling well.

Sharon: America's Government Needs a Sex Change. And enjoys being down on a poll. I'm giving an early call for Sharon on this one.


Debate time:

"We'll give you an erection for election."

Opening Statements.

Chad: Oh dear - that was bad.

Dida: Change for the Ritz.

PhiPhi: Sarah Palin AND Southern.

Sharon: Love it! On point Bachmann.

Latrice: Eh


PhiPhi - all over the place and not very funny.

Latrice - Serious, but nothing standout.

Chad - Just confusion all around.

Dida - Pink.

PhiPhi - oh shit - calls Dida and Latrice the Help. Now that is Republican realness.

Sharon - Believes in the right to alimony.

Dida - too stiff - just keeps repeating her slogan.

SHARON HAS THIS! That closing statement rocked. Seems what they were going for - more tongue-in-cheek than campy - and at least coherent. And she actually seems to keep up with politics. It shows.


Back to the workroom. Chad apparently doesn't like to mix politics and drag - and Dida. Neither were pleased with Dan's seriousness. I just think they are worried they choked.


Runway time - dressed for the inaugural ball.

Tonight's guest judges - Dan Savage and Jeffrey Moran of Absolut.

PhiPhi - I think she glued an eye shut.

Dida - her hair is always bad

Chad - This look would have worked much better on the debate - I don't see how the two are related.

Latrice - Eww - Latrice. What is that? If they are going serious this challenge - you missed it. You take pride in being classy - this looks trashy.

Sharon - A pantyhose dress? I get the "transparency" reference, but I'm not sure about the judges.


Judges Critiques:

PhiPhi - They rip her on the Help comment. No one found it funny - except Santino.

Dida - Dan found her weakest. Jeffrey called her stupid.

Chad - Dan LOVED her! They love her runway look. Surprise, Surprise.

Latrice - Missed her marks - hate the dress. Award show, not inaugural ball. She might sing tonight.

Sharon - They loved her debate. Mostly loved the runway. I think she has it.

Off to dilibarate:


Santo respects PhiPhi's Palin.

Dida - always something off - time to sing.

Chad - Dan really loves her, Michelle not so much.

Latrice - Imposing, but off tonight.

Sharon - effective - but can she do more than shock?


Votes are in:

Chad - safe

And the winner is: SHARON NEEDLES! I love you.

Dida - Up for elimination.

PhiPhi - Polarizing, but safe.

Latrice - NO!


Lip Sync time to Gladys Knights "I've Got to Use My Imagination."

Oh good - Latrice is blowing Dida away. Dida stripped=doomed.

Latrice stays and Dida Sashays away. Thank god. You're in my top 3 Latrice.

Spin time - just like last season, Michelle and Santino will get to pick an eliminated contestant to return - including Willam. Hmm. We'll see where that goes. Who would you like to see return?

See ya next week to find out.

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