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Who Signed the Letter? [Comment of the Week]

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On Friday I reported that homophobic Republican state senators had succeeded with their ploy to revoke the Indiana Youth Group's specialty license plate. The plate helped raise much needed cash for one of the nation's oldest LGBT youth groups in a time when all not-for-profits are struggling. (You can donate directly here. Thumbnail image for comment-of-week.jpgThey made $25 off of each plate, so how about giving them that much?)

After the senators were rebuffed and met with community outrage over their attempt to kill the plate through legislative trickery, they found a different way to accomplish their goal. They wrote a letter to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles charging the youth group with breaking their contract with the state by giving lower numbered plates to donors. While the BMV has a history of allowing groups to do this, the contract does say the practice is forbidden; the BMV suspended the IYG plate, but also nixed plates for the 4H club and an environmental group that had done the same thing.

I asked readers to identify the signatures on the letter and Projector Gary Russell kindly provided the full list. The list (and contact information) of the folks so homophobic they attacked an organization dedicated to supporting youth and preventing bullying is after the break and includes Senator Ron Alting - who spent several years shtupping a male hairdresser while his wife died of cancer.

Interesting side note: One of the letter's endorsements comes from Connie Lawson. Lawson was just picked last week by Governor Mitch Daniels to replace Charlie White as the Secretary of State. White was convicted of several felony charges including voter fraud last month and was forced to give up the office.

OK here is the list in a way that might make more sense. Page 1, column 1: Jim Merritt, Richard Bray, Carlin Yoder. Page 1, column 2: Ryan Mishler, Brent Steele, Ronnie Alting. Page 2, column 1: Connie Lawson, Jim Tomes, Doug Eckerty, John Waterman, Travis Holdman, Randall Head, James R. Buck, Greg Walker, James Banks, Phil Boots. Page 2, column 2: Sue Landske, Patricia Miller, Dennis Kruse, Michael Young. This way you can check and see if you think my list is correct.

Here it is broken down for ease of contacting these pathetic bigots.

I included the Facebook pages of those I could find; I tried to link their campaign pages so you could leave comments, but some of them are their personal pages.

Write them and tell them what pieces of shit they are that they'd bully LGBT youth. Do it nicer than that, of course.

Page 1 Column 1

Jim Merritt - Email - Website - Facebook
Richard Bray - Email - Website
Carlin Yoder - Email - Website - Facebook

Page 1 Column 2

Ryan Mishler - Email - Website - Facebook
Brent Steele - Email - Website
Ron Alting - Email - Website - Facebook

Page 2 Column 1

Connie Lawson - Email - Website - Facebook
Jim Tomes - Email - Website - Facebook
Doug Eckerty - Email - Website - Facebook
John Waterman - Email - Website - Facebook
Travis Holdman - Email - Website - Facebook
Randall Head - Email - Website - Facebook
James R. Buck - Email - Website - Facebook
Greg Walker - Email - Website
James Banks - Email - Website - Facebook
Phil Boots - Email - Website

Page 2 Column 2

Sue Landske - Email - Website - Facebook
Patricia Miller - Email - Website
Dennis Kruse - Email - Website
Michael Young - Email - Website - Facebook

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