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Another Santorum 'Slip of the Tongue'

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OK. I can’t take it anymore. First “blah people,” and now this? Take a look at this and then tell me what you think Rick Santorum said, almost said, or meant to say.

If he had a prepared speech, he must have diverted from it there. So, I don’t guess releasing it would help matters.

And does anything on this list of words he could have been trying to say make sense in the context of his remarks?

Do you really think Santorum almost used the n-word?*As one commenter points out, there are several words that start with a “neg-” sound:

Words starting with neg

Words Found

negate negated negation negative negatively

negativism negativistic negativity neglect neglected

neglectful neglectfully neglectfulness negligee negligence

negligent negligently negligible negligibly negotiable

negotiate negotiating negotiation negotiations negotiator

Anyway, by the of the day it will be racist to suggest that Santorum almost said the “n word.” I give the hell up.

But I will point out just one thing. Isn’t it at least significant that it’s apparently very easy to believe that a Republican presidential candidate would use the “n word” in reference to President Obama.

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