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Can You Walk There? [What You Need to Know]

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How walkable is your city? Here's a handy breakdown of the 2500 largest cities in the United States and how they rank against each other. Combined the DC-vs-Indy-walkability.jpgcities have an average walk score of 43.

My hometown of Indianapolis scores an abysmal 37 (Car Dependent), but my new locale gets a 73 (Very Walkable). When we moved here I gave my car to Jerame's mom; we use public transportation, ride bikes, or walk just about everywhere. We've rented a Zipcar a couple of times for trips to the airport or Ikea, but that's it. You just don't need one here. When relatives and friends visit from Indiana, they're always amazed at how much walking you can do in DC.

Back home, we'd take the car four blocks to go grocery shopping and pack the trunk full of those plastic bags full of items; half of the route to the store didn't have sidewalks. Here I walk the same distance, buy smaller amounts, use re-usable cloth bags or a granny cart, and feel better about my environmental footprint.

How walkable is your city? Do you own a car? (Clickety to embiggen the comparison maps) Here's the news you need to know that you won't have to walk to get:

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