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Karger Files Ethics Complaint Against NOM for Failing to Report Donation from Romney

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Openly gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger is back in Southern California and is going after rival Mitt Romney and his ties to the antigay National Organization for Marriage. In 2008, Karger launched in-depth financial investigations of NOM and the Mormon Church as part of Californians Against Hate during the Prop 8 fight. Last Friday, April 13, Karger filed a complaint against NOM with the California's Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) for not reporting a $10,000 contribution from Gov. Mitt Romney on Oct. 14, 2008, just weeks before the election. Karger re-named Californians Against Hate to the new Rights Equal Rights.

Thumbnail image for Fred-Karger-in-WeHo-KO.jpgKarger said in a press release:

NOM has once again conspired to hide its contributions, and this time it was Mitt Romney's. The recently unsealed documents (coincidentally from my last campaign ethics violation complaint against NOM in Maine) revealed that NOM received the $10,000 on October 14, 2008 from Romney's Alabama PAC "Free and Strong America." That was only 3 weeks before the Prop 8 election in which NOM was heavily involved. Funny that NOM appears to have reported all the contributions that it received before and after Romney's, but failed to report Governor Romney's $10,000 to ban gay marriage in California.

The Maine Ethics Commission and Attorney General's office have done a phenomenal job of gathering evidence in the money laundering case I filed against NOM on August 24, 2009. The 29 Exhibits they collected are proving to be NOM's undoing. NOM's veil of deceit and lies has finally been lifted.

t looks like it was Exhibit 10 in the Maine case: National Organization for Marriage v. Walter F. McKee, et al which is NOM's 2008 990 Federal Tax Return that lists the unreported $10,000 Romney contribution.

Mitt Romney and NOM appear to have gone to a lot of trouble to hide his contribution. I am sure that Romney's $10K was never meant to never see the light of day.

Karger goes on to note in his press release:

NOM was formed in 2007 to qualify and pass Proposition 8 in California, a state Constitutional Amendment to undo the recent Supreme Court decision that allowed gay marriage in California. Back then NOM proudly listed all its contributors to show its vast influence in the Prop 8 campaign. It claimed to be the biggest donor to the Yes on 8 campaign.

Ever since 2009, it appears NOM tries to launder money through its national organization, its Educational Fund or one of its state PACs.

"I have been tracking NOM since we went up against each other for the first time in July of 2008. I led the boycott of one if the largest donors, San Diego hotelier Doug Manchester. Manchester gave $125,000 to NOM to pass Prop 8. Along with Unite Here Local #30, we launched our successful boycott of Manchester's hotels (to see link, CLICK HERE). The largest, the Manchester Grand Hyatt, reported losing $1 million per month from the still ongoing boycott."

The New York Times did a feature story on our boycott, NOM's reaction and its defense of Manchester: CLICK HERE.

The statute of limitations on filing campaign ethic's violations in California is five years.

"We hope that the FPPC will investigate our complaint," concluded Karger.


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