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Lily Ledbetter & Zach Wahls [Contest]

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book-covers.jpgToday's contest is a two-fer... You can win a copy of Lily Ledbetter's new book, Grace And Grit and Zach Wahl's My Two Moms. To win, just leave us a comment telling us what the name of your autobiography would be.

When you do, if you leave the box checked to post your comment on your Facebook page, anyone who comments on your wall in that thread with their own title will also be entered to win. Imagine the fun if your friend actually wins the contest thanks to your introduction to Bilerico! (Please don't go sock your friend in the jaw and demand the books if that happens. That wouldn't be nice at all.)

Here's the other not-so-fine print rules you should know:

  • Contest ends on Sunday, April 15 at midnight Eastern time. Winner will be announced on Monday April 16. If the prize remains unclaimed by Saturday, April 22, a new winner will be picked.
  • Winner will be picked arbitrarily by me. Methods of picking a winner could include any of these: most liked, most original reason, we like the same movie, number of replies, or I'll just scroll the screen up and down and randomly pick somebody. (The last one is the most likely.)
  • You do not have to purchase anything to win.
  • We won't add you to any mailing lists or sell your mailing address to make money either.
  • We'll even pay to ship you the prize instead of sending it COD. (That's how generous we are.)
  • Current contributors are ineligible to win a prize. You can still comment and join the discussion since it allows your Facebook friends to easily enter tho!
  • Only one entry per person. Don't get greedy. (You know we'll do another contest soon.)

Descriptions of the books are after the jump.

Grace And Grit

Lilly Ledbetter was born in a house with no running water or electricity in the small town of Possum Trot, Alabama. She knew that she was destined for something more, and in 1979, Lilly applied for her dream job at the Goodyear tire factory. Even though the only women she'd seen there were secretaries in the front offices where she'd submitted her application, she got the job--one of the first women hired at the management level.

Though she faced daily discrimination and sexual harassment, Lilly pressed onward, believing that eventually things would change. Until, nineteen years later, Lilly received an anonymous note revealing that she was making thousands less per year than the men in her position. Devastated, she filed a sex discrimination case against Goodyear, which she won--and then heartbreakingly lost on appeal. Over the next eight years, her case made it all the way to the Supreme Court, where she lost again: the court ruled that she should have filed suit within 180 days of her first unequal paycheck--despite the fact that she had no way of knowing that she was being paid unfairly all those years. In a dramatic moment, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg read her dissent from the bench, urging Lilly to fight back.

And fight Lilly did, becoming the namesake of President Barack Obama's first official piece of legislation. Today, she is a tireless advocate for change, traveling the country to urge women and minorities to claim their civil rights. Both a deeply inspiring memoir and a powerful call to arms, Grace and Grit is the story of a true American icon.

My Two Moms

On January 31, 2011, Zach Wahls addressed the Iowa House Judiciary Committee in a public forum regarding civil unions. The nineteen-year-old son of a same-sex couple, Wahls proudly proclaimed, "The sexual orientation of my parents has had zero effect on the content of my character." Hours later, his speech was posted on YouTube, where it went viral, quickly receiving more than two million views. By the end of the week, everyone knew his name and wanted to hear more from the boy with two moms.

Same-sex marriage will be a major--possibly the defining--issue in this year's election cycle, and Wahls speaks to that, but also to a broader issue. Sure, he's handsome and athletic, an environmental engineering student, and an Eagle Scout. Yet, growing up with two moms, he knows what it's like to feel different and to fear being made fun of or worse. In the inspirational spirit of It Gets Better edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller, My Two Moms also delivers a reassuring message to same-sex couples, their kids, and anyone who's ever felt like an outsider: "You are not alone."

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