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Live Blogging RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4: Episode 10

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RuPaul10.jpgMarch is over and I now have my Monday nights free again, so I am going back to a live format hopefully for the rest of the season.

Last week the girls Frocked the Vote, Sharon was elected, and Dida sashayed away. We also learned that this week one of the eliminated queens will return - a poll of my friends thinks it is between Willam and Kenya Michaels.

Join me at 9:00EST tonight as the queens introduce a group of straight men to heels. See ya then.

And if you have missed the previous weeks, check out my recaps 2-9 to catch up.

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Let's get this race started!


You Got A She Mail: Birth!

And Our Returning Queen? KENYA MICHAELS!

This weeks mini challenge:

Make over a teddy-bear. Yawn.


Kenya Wins! I'm liking where this is going for her.

Their bears will be donated for charity. I apologize for my earlier yawn.


Tonight's main challenge - transform some hot straight dads into some hot ladies. "DILFs: Dads I'd Like To Frock"

Kenya get's to match our ladies up to their daddies.

They are to use their own drag - but using baby bump realness. I'll have to say, I never expected a pregnancy episode.


Sharon has the perfect man - but seems to hate having creepy competition.


Yes, Latrice. Make that man tuck.

I think PhiPhi scored the sexiest dad - and they do oddly look alike.



PhiPhi - Ru is worried about time because PhiPhi is making the dresses.

Latrice - Barely spoke - I'm guessing safe tonight.

Kenya - This dad looks terrified.

Chad - The dad is really into this - that has usually been a good thing in previous seasons.

Sharon - I love that she got the dirty old man - I think this will go well.

RuSurprise: Pre-runway, our mama's to be have to strip. Yes!


Stripper Practice:

Chad - I love a nice otter father.

PhiPhi - Worried - well would be if I cared about PhiPhi staying.

Sharon - Oh no - her dad is not trying. She wants to kill him - and if he sends her home - I might.

Latrice - You look like Rick James. Ha!


Oh shit - Chad's dad is anti-marriage equality, but I think Chad may have successfully awakened him.

Back to Practice:

Kenya - I think the dad really hates that he agreed to this.

Sharon's dad is having a bitch-off moment with Chad and I'm not 100% sure how serious he is.

Sharon - DILK. Dad I'd like to kill. I think everyone in the workroom agrees.


Day 2

I think Sharon is giving her dad the contacts as a form of torture. But he seems to legitimately be trying to like him.

Ha! Kenya is helping her dad tuck! I'm so glad she is back.

Comment from the room: Is Sharon's dad drinking a Bud Light?


Runway time.

Tonight's guest judges: Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jennifer Love Hewitt

Why are we getting a montage? Were they that bad?

Yes - they were.

I don't understand the baby thing.

Latrice - hmm

PhiPhi - actually turned it out.

Kenya - That dad had too much botox.

Sharon - Love the look. Very Marylyn Manson

Chad - Most lady like.

This is going to be a tough one. I think it may be Kenya and Latrice in the bottom.



Chad - They all like the look and the dad would knock himself up.

Sharon - I think she's safe. Ru compared her to Michelle. Safe, but no win.

PhiPhi - He's pretty. I think PhiPhi may have a win here. They look alike, the dad loves the gays, and there is crying.

Latrice - They don't see a family resemblance.

Kenya - They hate how dead they looked. The dad is so unhappy. Poor Kenya.


Just the judges:

Chad - Blah

Sharon - On the fence

PhiPhi - she has this.

Latrice - they hated most of it.

Kenya - found it all wrong. I think it shows that she hasn't had the extra weeks of critiques to grow.


Bring back the girls.

Chad: Safe

PhiPhi: Wins - Called it! And they are going to Vegas.

Kenya: Lip Sync - called it.

Sharon: Safe

Latrice: Lip Sync - called it, but NOOO!

If last week showed anything - Kenya is screwed.

This song is, "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman." by Aretha.


Kenya is screwed. This is made for Latrice - and Kenya strips. Bye Bye

Latrice stays!

And Kenya is gone again.

Final comment from the room: "Thanks for a wasted episode!"

See ya next week.

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