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Live Blogging RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4: Episode 13 The Final Three

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rupaul.jpegHeya folks. We have reached the end. We are down to our final three queens, and I will be here live to watch it with you.

Last week on - we had a rewind episode. Two weeks ago - the ladies found their inner bitch, with the help of some furry friends. In the tradition of the drag balls, their final three looks were inspired by live dogs. In the end, it was an epic lip sync between Chad Michaels and Latrice Royale. Latrice sadly sashayed away (screw you PhiPhi for surviving this long).

And our final three are Sharon Needles (my top pick), Chad Michaels, and PhiPhi O'Hara.

Join me tonight at 9:00EST, and lets finish this race.


Let's get this race over with after the jump.


And we start with a Star Trek joke. This is promising.


You Got a She Mail!

This weeks mini challenge:

No mini challenge. So our main challenge is to shoot the music video for RuPaul's "Glamazon."


Dance Practice with Candice Cayne. Never heard of her.

Chad's moves are too girly? Does Candice know which show this is?

Sharon is struggling. Oh no.


This is going fast. Video recording time.

Sharon is still lost. Shape it up please!

This is not looking good.


Raja and Tyra Sanchez are here to give the girls some advice - which is that Ru will be having one on one interview with each other. Thanks Raja and Tyra.


Ru and Chad:

They have a breakthrough! Chad's daddy issues is why Michelle Visage thinks he is boring.


Raja and Tyra give Sharon some advice, and praise him for his ability to change his voice, something neither of them have yet to master.


Ru and PhiPhi:

Everyone had shitty fathers.


Tyra and Raja tell Chad to get past hating PhiPhi's immaturity. None of their advice is useful.


Ru and Sharon:

Sharon is worried his bf is pissed because he has made it this far. Alaska, the bf has tried out 3 times, Sharon once. Ru luckily can read minds and says Alaska thinks it is okay.


Raja and Tyra tell PhiPhi it is okay that she is the youngest. Tyra was 21. Fair enough, and prolly the best advice. I am worried this is foreshadowing.


I guess it worked, Chad and PhiPhi made up and now everyone is family.


Filming their interactions with Ru for the video:

Ru is almost taken out by a wrench, then beats the shit out of all three of them.


The next day in the work room:

Nothing interesting.


Main stage time.

The Judges are Michelle Visage and Santo. No guest judge. I think that is a first or am I forgetting the previous seasons?


Lots of straps.


Snake fingers - So Sharon Needles.


Pink Leopard. I hate it, and so should the judges.



We start with the fight, nothing much to see, and we go to commercial.


Quick comment during the commercial - that was the worst final runway I have ever seen. They all let us down. Other than the fingers, Sharon has had some many looks that were far above this. I hate PhiPhi in general, but there was nothing spectacular here. I think Chad's comes closest, but even he seemed to have toned it down too much.


Video continues:

PhiPhi is the worst actor which gives me hope.

Music Video:

I love the Giant RuPaul.

Editing saved Sharon's dancing, which gives me hope.



They love her flourishing.


They hate the dancing.


Not that happy. Over actor.



They worry the goth won't translate enough.


I think she might have this. They call her the most polished.


She has ambition. A new generation.

Bring back the girls. I think this could be anyone. I want it to be Sharon so bad, but I think Chad has it.


For the first time in Drag Race History - All three will lip sync to "Glamazon."

Dammit. PhiPhi is out dancing Sharon. Chad is - boring. Ugh. It better not be PhiPhi.


And the winner is? Not going to be announced until the reunion next week. And she wants America to vote. Tweet to #dragrace or go to their Facebook page.

The reunion is live next week and I will be back to find out the winner - and whatever the hell Willam did to be disqualified. See ya next week, and let me know who you think wins.

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