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Live Blogging RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4: Episode 14 The Reunion

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rupaul.jpegWell folks, I thought this was over last week, but here we are again anxiously awaiting the winners. Last week the girls filmed the video for RuPaul's "Glamazon," and no one shined enough for Ru to decide on a winner - a shock to us all. She wanted America to chime in and tonight all the questions will be answered (though the complete "realness" of those reactions may be questioned).

Does Chad's experience put her over the top?

Is Sharon still too creepy for America to accept her as their drag representation?

Does anyone like PhiPhi?

And the biggest questions of all - What the hell did Willam do?

It's 9:00. I just got home from cleaning the 9:30 Club kitchen, I smell like burned cheese, and I'm a drink and a half in. Let's get this race over with. Follow me after the jump.


How quickly I forget the eliminated queens.

But this is clearly the best reunion show we have ever had - production value wise that is.


I stood with the audience for Latrice. I assume we all did.


Comment from the room:

Will: This would make a great theater show. You could watch a show, have a meal.

Me: That is the plot of Connie & Carla.


This year's Absolute commercial with last season's queens was a nice break from the testimonials of previous years. We do not need an inspirational story to drink.


Jiggly gets sewing lessons. Next years Shangela?


Dida's mom makes me smile.


Charo is Kenya Michaels. My life in complete.


I think more people are watching tonight to know what Willam did than who the winner is.


What did Willam do?

He had sex with his husband? That's it? Seriously? Not even someone else's husband?

But hey! Looks who is stubble free tonight? I secretly love you Willam.


But I love Latrice more.


Can we all please channel our inner Latrice?


I can't look at PhiPhi's wig without thinking of Gene Hackman from The Birdcage.


Willam speaks the truth. Everyone hates PhiPhi. I will also be using RuPologize in a sentence tomorrow.


Latrice is Miss Congeniality. I would pay to see that become the third installment of the Sandra Bullock trilogy.


FYI: My friend Will and I are in heels.


Chad - I really would love to see you win. You do put the class in classic.


Team Sharon! She always wanted to lead a cult.


I want my mom to meet Sharon's mom.


"When in doubt, freak them out!"

I LOVE you!


Oh PhiPhi, stop making me care about you. I may say I dislike you, but you still are an inspiration to many.


Final votes from the room: 2 for Sharon, 1 for Chad (yes, small party).


I didn't get to say this earlier - Santo is kinda scary without a beard, and I am not happy with what any of the final three are wearing.


The Winner Is?

SHARON NEEDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love that Sharon won, but it was such a lack luster crowning (wait - she was not given the crown!). I HATED the fake win. HATED IT! I wanted to see Sharon excited. Personally, I think her faked win response was her thinking, "I have no chance at this." You rock Sharon!

Well, thanks for hanging out with me this season and joining me in this experiment. Let me know what you think of the outcome. Was Sharon's thunder stolen?

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