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More Dead Celeb Holograms: TLC to Reunite

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Left-Eye.jpgI have a feeling that after Tupac's rise from the dead at Cochella, this whole resurrection via some blend of Star Trek's Holodeck and Futurama's reanimated heads is going to go viral.

And now we have proof. TMZ is reporting that TLC will be reuniting for a new tour accompanied by the deceased Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes thanks too a similar feat of technology.

Left-Eye died in a car crash in Honduras 10 years ago today. What better way to honor her?

TLC's CrazySexyCool was the first CD I ever purchased, so the idea of a live performance sounds amazing, but can one really consider this a reunion? Is a dead artist still an artist?

Is paying a huge price for a ticket worth it to see a digital projection? I'm really not sure it is. You are not seeing a real performance - and isn't that the point of paying for live music?

Either way, I see this taking on a life of it's own, and I'm looking forward to it. Not just music stars, but stars from film, television, stage, and politics.

Check out my predictions after the jump.

Here are some of the possible headlines:

Coming to NBC this Fall - The Golden Girls Reanimated:

The always immortal Betty White will be teaming up with her dead pals for new laughs.

Mitt Romney announces Ronald Reagan as his Running Mate:

Obama camp reportedly considering replacing Biden with FDR

Dancing With the Stars Announces New Cast:

Lucille Ball
Judy Garland
Eleanor Roosevelt
Paul Lynde
Elizabeth Taylor
Richard Nixon
Mama Cass Elliot
Freddy Mercury

Lennon/McCartney Resolve Issues: Beatles Return to Shea Stadium:

The living McCartney and Starr are thrilled to work with their former bandmates. The tensions from the past were left out of Lennon's reprogramming.

Far fetched? Maybe. Would I pay to see it? Maybe.

Who would be your favorite stars to resurrect? Let me know in the comments.

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