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My Initial Reaction: With Friends Like These

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You know how sometimes you just have a gut reaction that surprises you? I had one in response to bigstock-Emergency-Exit-Sign-151733.jpgthis story out of Canada.

A man is facing a charge of second-degree murder after a prominent gay activist in Halifax was beaten to death early Tuesday morning outside a gay club on Gottingen Street.
He was found lying in the street bleeding at 2:39 a.m. local time by a passing motorist who called Halifax Regional Police. Taavel died at the scene.
Taavel and a friend had just left Menz Bar, a popular Halifax gay bar, when witnesses say they got into an argument and fight with a much larger man.
A witness, who only wants to be identified as James, told CBC News that he saw a large man attack two smaller men, who appeared to be friends. One victim fled and the attacker then slammed the other man's head into the street.
Denny was arrested in a nearby alley shortly after the attack. He is a patient who failed to return to the East Coast Forensic Hospital in Dartmouth after a one-hour leave, CBC News has learned. He is one of three patients who did not return to the hospital Monday.

My initial reaction? Mr. Taavel's friend is a piece of shit.

What kind of person runs away when his friend is getting the hell beat out of him - especially when the friend was the original target of attack and Taavel had stepped in to help him out? The guy couldn't even bother to call the police and the victim had to be found by a passing motorist?

I realize that I don't know enough about the case or what really happened since police are still investigating the crime. Taavel's friend could be in shock or so terrified that panic took over. The motorist could have been driving by moments after the attack while the friend was still fleeing. There are a lot of potential reasons, but it still strikes me as something that the friend will have to live with for the rest of his life; he ran away while his friend was killed for defending him from a deranged lunatic.

(Emergency exit graphic via Bigstock)

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