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Pink Wigs Can Be Dangerous [What You Need to Know]

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At yesterday's Tea Party rally in Boston, protestors from Occupy Wall Street and Join the Impact MA shouted down Uganda's "Kill the Gays" architect, Scott Lively's, address to the crowd about the dangers of "faggots." During the non-violent occupy-boston-arrest.jpegculture clash Boston's finest stepped in to rough up the young queers and their supporters. Photographer Paul Weiskel captured this young man getting choked for holding a dangerous object - a pink wig. Here's his account of the incident:

Hi, This is a picture of me. The "pale violet material" I'm holding was a wig I was wearing that a Tea Partier had just knocked off my head. I was asking the tea partier to explain to me why he thought it was okay to knock my wig off ("My hand slipped", he replied sarcastically) when the officer came up and said something along the lines of "okay, take your shit and get out of here" and shoved me a few feet. I turned to him and said "Don't push me". he replied "Don't push you?!" then did this. You can decide yourself if this was deserved or not.

What else do you need to know today? Here it is:

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